Is it possible to finish this raid perfectly?


Seriously, LEARN TO READ!

I already explained in the posts above how you can complete raid 4 and raid 5 without taking any damage.
And yet you call players, who simply have Valiant Sniper, cheaters.

Are you unable to even read the forum posts in this thread before accusing people of cheating?

The only time when a perfect score gives suspicions about cheating is after the raid tier 6 tomorrow because only in raid tier 6 will it be impossible to beat all enemies without taking damage.


You’re missunderstand.


Your previous post starts with

So how do I misunderstand you calling people cheaters just because they have a perfect score so far?


Im check all information from their account, lvl, weapons, rank, replays, history, user, mechs


lvl , replays , history and rank do NOT affect raids , not at all.


Are you sure ? How about lvl 10?


ANYONE can join raids , as i said , those 4 things dont impact the raids.


How about lvl 10, finish tier 6 raid with maximum score?


that depends on your mech.



How about weapon lvl 10?


@Obama they are not cheaters.They are only payers.they buy tokens to buy boxes…and because of that they have a lot of premium items(legend-myths)to complete the raid perfectly

PLS before accusing them of cheating,pls check if they buy tokens first.


you are actually retarted , consider taking math and publicspeech class , a new pair of glasses , then argue.


You said lvl , replays , history and rank do NOT affect raids , not at all.


Don’t waste your time bro, he only wants some attention. It explains a lot about his name and profile pic also.


Yeah because TechnoDive is your friend


The fact that he is my friend affects you bro? : / You can be my friend too, you just have to stop that nonsense…


You’re right, Maybe players protect thief and cheater. Thank you



He’s just being sarcastic


@Obama what is your problem? do you mean “devs should ban everyone” ? just look your game. we know there are lot of hackers. you cant find them all.