Is it possible to finish this raid perfectly?


I agree with killin on this one.

What if he is a part of ts? he can enjoy his own game too


Don’t talk that much, just one word: “NO”


Why not?
I mean,even if he got a perfect score,it’s not like he took away a place from someone else…
Even if two players had the same score on different positions,they both got the same reward after all so no one lost anything.
Plus,let the man play his own game.Wether you’re a new player or a developer,you still count as a player.


Ibrodjj, Serenity Sunrise, LeoShiward, souseiki


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@KilliN Please dont talk thief




Well, you should make calculations first BEFORE accusing others of cheating.
In raid 4 and raid 5 it is possible to achieve a perfect score with Valiant Sniper - if I remember correctly at raid 4 you need Valiant Sniper myth level 1 and for raid 5 you need it at myth lv. 47 at least to be able to prevent any attacks with one shot from range 5 or 7.
Then you overheat the enemies to shutdown for example with 2 max level myth Corrupt Lights in the 2nd round.
That way you can finish the raids at tiers 4 and 5 perfectly.

Only raid tier 6 is impossible to complete perfectly even with Valiant Sniper myth level max.


Two words… Valiant Sniper
… and start at range 7(5 for mechs), min 7 for tanks.
… tanks can be one shot with Magma, Bunker, Mercy, Redockin, Buldog, if lucky on the roll.


Good, only Valiant Sniper


Just because someone go a higgher score than you , dont call them cheaters.


You will see, but I give information before its late


I know that, you will see


Perfectly to finish raid:
Materail needs: valiant sniper, magma blast, crimson rapture, teleport
Buggy & tanks can be one shot with magma blast.
Mechs(heat), 7 range use valiant sniper to leg it have no weapon to use.
Mech(Energy/physical) 1 range use crimson rapture to over heat them 2 turns.
Boss(heat), 7 range use valiant sniper first, then teleport to 4+ range and use valiant again.
Boss(energy/physical) use crimson rapture to over heat them.
Am I correct?


But the problem is raid 5 mech can’t overheated by magma blast.
Equip energy resist and their drone only can deal 1 damage.


Yes yu are right


To finish raid 5 mechs:
Use Valiant Sniper at range 5 or 7 to drain the energy.
Even the boss with 196 energy can be prevented from attacking if you reduce its energy to 10 or lower with Valiant Sniper.
That is why you need Valiant Sniper myth level 47 = 186 energy drain for raid 5 as the boss’s drone needs 11 energy to be deployed / attack.
–> The mech will hop towards you.
–> If you start at distance 5 teleport as far away as possible in round 2 and use Valiant Sniper again. Then finish the mech off in the 3rd round at distance 2.
–> If you start at distance 7 use 2 myth heat weapons like Corrupt Light to shutdown the mech till you finish it off.

–> For the boss:
Start at distance 7, then use Valiant Sniper.
The boss will hop towards you.
In the 2nd round at the distance of 3 simply shutdown the boss with the heat weapons again like with the mechs.
And now leisurely finish it off and complete the raid tier 5 without damage.

The advantage of this way is that the “only” premium weapon you need is Valiant Sniper.
No need for any other premium weapon.

Edit: To everyone reading this, once again:
This only works for raid tiers 1-5!
Raid tier 6 is IMPOSSIBLE to complete without damage even with Valiant Sniper or any other item in the entire game as of now!


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