Is it possible to finish this raid perfectly?


Hey Obama i’m your fan!


Why that four? anas55 and Carlos Daniel didn’t even score perfectly.



For physical mechs…


sad reality, and they said: Nightfall OP Nightfall OP


Bring max magma blast and resist every thing is ok:)


The rewards were great, even if the top players got around 3x what I did.

Congrats to all winners!


@Sarah247 and @Mohadib

It is funny how the ones, who made a perfect score at Tier6 and so this way become Top 8 at the first RAID self-reported them AND proved themself that they cheated …

@Mohadib as 9th seemed to tested it :exclamation:

It was unpossible with fair / normal gameplay to get a perfect score at Tier6 :exclamation:

So clearly cheated tokens, using other programs (CheatEngine) to get an adventage over others FAIR playing players :exclamation:

  • Nibelheim

  • WhiteCrow777

  • Killin

  • Anlix Saa

  • Fluxeon

  • R.I.C.O

  • MrOneTwo

  • Deception

… any words to it :question:

Never saw @Fluxeon so quit in the Forum :exclamation:


@Sarah247 and @Mohadib more clear proof is not possible :exclamation:

So please do the right things, because it is NOT fair to ALL honest playing players :exclamation:

Thank you :exclamation:


When Loser down

The best part is Mohadib is there… he forgot to delete his own score, so he ended up taking a spot that could be used for actual players. :slight_smile:



Seems he tested it, had close a perfect score, but what you say to the 8 who took away 8 possible spots, for fair playing (without using CheatEngine) players :question:



was nice raid game it’s hard but I like it, I know there are admins cheats go watch each player’s replay, will expel next raid




you know…your cheating self is up there too…
and i saw others in the top claiming that they didn’t have “perfect” scores…well its still higher than what’s possible without cheating. so what were your scores? what is the highest possible? how did the
"top players" get better scores than people who did better than them in the raid? are we ever going to get any sort of explanation?


Killing and other who get max score mission 6 use hack soft!!!

Don’t think you are the smartest!!! And if you’re going to hack into the next rade I’ll post a video of how you hack!!! It is impossible to obtain the maximum score received damage!!! The math is simple:1. A mobs hack that can’t make a move!!! 2. Killing him with one shot-hack weapon!!! 3.To restore his health at the end of the battle using hack. I was very upset with the behavior of the team tacticsoft. I was very disappointed by the fact that the top players use cheats - it is disrespectful to other players, and tacticsoft does nothing against cheaters!!!

@Mohadib as a developer, you used cheats, how getting the damage you got such a score! It’s impossible!!!


cheat engine is forbidden , they have an anti-cheat for using 1 shots with it.

If you 1 shot someone with the CE it kicks you out of the mission.


LoL :joy:


after a bit of experimenting, i can say for a fact that cheat engines DO work in this game, and of course nothing is being done about it, because they want to take the money of the idiots who just buy their way to the same levels as the cheaters.


Yo, bro you are wrong.
There are alot of other softs out there that still work, and can provide alot more then just some oneshot tricks for raid or campaign.
There are things out there that make CE look like finger painting.
There are players that use them to farm tokens by the thousands.
This what we just saw, is childs play, a taunt, tip of the iceberg.


if you want finish the raid perfectly there are 4 options:
3-luck (as bug)
4-give bribe to the developers😂(joke)


luck is out, it was mathematicaly proven to be impossible.


“Cheat engine this, Cheat engine that (…)”
“Dev cheated here and there”

First of all and cheated or not, i love to see @Mohadib playing his own game, i dont really care for his methods, he is the only here which knows what he is doing and y’ll are complaining for the Free Stuff that HIM gave us, i wouldn’t complain even if it would take my place as winner. In other worlds don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

If you wanna hate someone do it to me, i already have many like that. :slight_smile: