Is it possible to finish this raid perfectly?


Good for you :wink:
Could you share us how you made it?
It would help knowing if there’s a way other than Valiant.


Was very very very lucky :exclamation:

3 battles started with far range … Valiant Sniper
2 battles middle range … Bunker Shell

I am pretty sure there is no other way than with Valiant Sniper for far distance starting battles at Tier5 :exclamation:

Sorry if you don’t have one.



Thank you for sharing this with us…
So I see…The only way to perfect it is pretty much using Valiant.

I don’t but it’s okay :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Got used to being a bottom-sucker physical builder :laughing::laughing:


“Today is bad, but tomorrow is mine …” :rofl:


need help for the raid today how finish it perfectly ?


I second that question.

Valiant Sniper works for the buggy and tank but the minion mechs have an energy-free hook and energy-free close-ranged weapons while the boss has too much energy with 240 for Valiant Sniper.
So even Valiant Sniper won’t work for perfect score on raid tier 6.

The minion mechs have 158 heat cap + 57 cooldown = 215 heat for 1 cooldown, 216 heat for shutdown needed.
So even Crimson Rapture (135 heat + 48 heat cap reduction = 183 heat damage) and Flaming Scope (212 heat) cannot shut them down with one shot!

Also the boss has 166 heat cap + 21 cooldown (shutdown 42).
So even here only Flaming Scope would work with one shot.

But still how to beat the minion mechs without damage?
There is no heat weapon that does enough heating to shut them down and they have energy-free hook and energy-free weapons.

So basically it should be impossible to beat them perfectly.
Then how come there are players who seem to be able to do so?

Is there a supreme weapon that now one knows about?


It can’t… i really can’t.
Yet there are player that have done it.
Ps: it can be done using cheatengine, to oneshot evry minion, similar to campaign. Saw something like that on youtube.
Or maybe… like in a really longshot scenario…
You use old legacy repair drone, with mythical phis protector( since all minions and boss wepons are phis), and also use a legacy big shield(like the 45%), and as a main wepon an overheating one(CL,Grimsom).
And it would go something like this:
1st round pop up shield. That means you have 81 res and another 45%reduction. So 100 dmg roll would hit you for 9-10 ish.
2nd round you pull drone and fire overheating wepon.Drone heal you for the missing dmg(9-10 ish, max 36).
You get hit by anothwr 18-20ish dmg.
3rd round you hit with both wepons and overheat .
But this is just a longshot at it.
You would requier alot of energy cap and regen.




Well, that is if that is if the damage will only be checked at the end of the raid and register HP = max HP.
But if the damage is actually taken from counting in battle then that would not work either.

As such I am quite interested in the way those players cleared that raid perfectly.
Maybe one of those few that did that could answer the question.

There are some who are active in the forum after all like Fluxeon or KilliN.
Even if it is impossible for players (like myself) who started after the new version was implemented because they cannot gain legacy items anymore I still would like to know how to beat that raid perfectly / what you need to beat that raid perfectly.
Humans are curious by nature after all.


Cheat engine hacks were patched it doesn’t work now, it makes you quit instantly as soon as u use it, unless their is some other way of using them


I would like to point out, that haveing a perfect score dosent prove that its possible. in fact, because of the math, all it proves is that the “top players” are all just cheating/hacking.
the thing that upsets me, even though there’s proof that hacking/cheating is happening, the admins aren’t going to do anything. everyone with a perfect score SHOULD have their account deleted.


Yes @Fluxeon and @KilliN, give us dumb a light, how to beat it perfectly :exclamation:

I tried a lot now, can make the first 6 battles perfect, with the little trick, which @Wepwawet explained to all here.
(having them always in best range to kill them without getting damage)
BUT how in the hell you made the last 3 mechs with perfect score :question:

The 2 second strongest use hock and charge :exclamation:

Boss use drone and charge :exclamation:

WE ALL see you did it with perfect score, scared we overtake you, if we also know it :question:

Give us a light (not a picture with a candle or simular) :exclamation:

Or just simple CheatEngine your best friend :question:



Also add that they can’t be shutdown in one hit either, boss can’t get drained.
It could be my explanation of a combination of myth protector( preferably phis), 45% shield and a repair drone… but that is like a really longshot.


I wonder how these guys did it

I am incredibly curious how the phis mech did it…


i wonder how this guy name isn’t censored


Seriously, can you think this?

Carlos Daniel

100% use cheat! 0% They aren’t use cheat!


This modality no longer pleases me,
There are cheating on the part of many noob losers… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I have tried countless configurations,
and with none I can go from 100th place, in the end.

Them neither…


Report Deception, MrOneTwo, anas55, Carlos Daniel!

  • For Justice


Tier 6, Maximum Score = Cheat!

It isn’t bug


I think, this has been an impossible move, from the developers,
to discover who dirtyly stand out in the game.
Because they are impossible to achieve, in a real way just.