Is it possible to finish this raid perfectly?


Tho being a top player/in a top clan is kinda the same. Or you’re gonna spend big money or you have to be lucky with premium drops; everything relevant on SM is a game of chance.


My point exactly.
While I struggle,try the raid dozens of times and don’t perfect it just because I don’t have a Valiant but a more than decent physical build,some other players maybe a couple tires behind me will get it done flawlessly just based on chance and on a single weapon that we don’t all have access to.


I’m just saying that it’s annoying having the Raiding minigame pitted against me because I use a build that doesn’t rely on paying (or being super lucky) for this game.

I’m not complaining about this feature, I love it. It just needs a little bit of reworking in some areas.


That is,indeed,correct.
However,being a top player/in a top clan doesn’t give you 150 tokens,while someone in another clan gets 400…
That’s the point.
This difference of more than double the tokens I’d get isn’t based on skill,but on luck…


Even if you payed money and used physical premium items - Archimonde , desert fury , etc you dont stand a chance . cuz they are trash


Not complaining about the feature in itself either…It’s cool to get 150 tokens free.
But it isn’t cool to see players getting a lot more than you while you are probably twice as skilled/have a much better build then they do.


That’s true, and don’t get me wrong, I cannot perfect those raids too. I’m just saying that one week ago I wasn’t getting any extra tokens and by the end of raid session I’ll get something between 100 and 200 free tokens, so it’s good to me and I don’t really care if someone will get 400 or 500 tokens.
I just have more tokens than before and something different to do in game, so it’s a good feature to me even with its flaws.

Even in RL many people will achieve more than you cuz of blind luck, and many less than you cuz of bad luck. Hard work is always a factor, but once you worked hard other things come in play, like enviroment and luck for example (e.g. doing the right thing on the right moment is often luck based in many fields).


And of course I’d get pissed at this.
I spent real money in this game a good bunch of times and got nothing but a Windforge.That’s the only useful thing I got,which is also useless in this case…
I spend money and got a ton of other shit items (mostly C-E items) to get 150 tokens at the end of the raid.
Some players that didn’t spend a cent got lucky and they’re gonna get a lot more than me at the end of the raid.
Talk about fairness…


That is also very true…
I can’t argue with that for it’s straight on the point.
Even so…I think I have my right to be dissatisfied with the results as someone who spent money and didn’t have the luck to get the item that others use to perfect this mission…


Absolutely. I never liked how premium boxes have so random drops and how some game changing items are so hard to obtain.


From the moment you buy tokens , the game for you is no longer free.

It should be governed by the rules that exist to games of chance, since more than 50% of the game is chance.

You only choose type of construction (depending on which TS wants to give you to build) and use the strategy (if you can), but …

  • it´s chance what you will get in the boxes
  • it´s chance who will be your opponent
  • it´s random the starting position in field (which may favor you or not)
  • It´s chance the strength with which weapons shot

And finally what is not random or depends on you is:

  • You don´t know the real possibilities in % to obtain certain items.
  • The imbalance of the game in favor of certain constructions, with the purpose of obtaining more profits. There you are at the mercy of the good or bad faith of those who develop the game.




zakares heat mech? not going to work unless you got a valiant. it ain’t goin to work on a 64 regen Zakares


Still, non-premium heat mech is generally better in campaign than non-premium energy or phys. And no, I dont have valiant.


we live in sad times. I don’t have one either :unamused:


Anyway, I would be more happy if I get magma blast or abomination raither than valiant.


well, don’t lets forget that valiant is the only OP weapon in the game


i don’t care if its op or not…


This is also business.

If you don´t have a Valiant, TS believes that you will now invest to get 1. Assuming you already have it, but it´s not maxed out, you also have to invest to max it quickly.

As always, favored are energy, which for TS are the only who do their homework well. The rest of us are all bad guys, especially phys.

The issue is … make numbers and decide if it is worth investing to take 300 or 400 tokens.


Made Rade Tier5 first run :exclamation: