Is it possible to finish this raid perfectly?


Maybe not.
I don’t know how it feels and little do I care,for I play to have fun,to grow and all the good stuff.

Do I look like I care about the medals?
I did, but I got over that as I realised it helps with nothing…
I’m just glad that people and friends from this forum joined my recently made clan.You might not understand the feeling when you see people supporting you…But for me,that was gold.
To see all these people in my clan that were glad to join made me feel like I already achieved more than just a game or a medal.

And seriously now.
I’m gonna start applying the “cold shoulder” treatment.
Cya m8


No. You are a real person, who lives in a world of virtual illusions. No person in their right mind could envy that.


I know it’s a pain that people are good in pvp best but if you make the effort and the top clan stop arguing with each other you can replace these guy with some good “normal” player.


I do the same, but with a lot more sucess, bad mnhhhh :exclamation:

It is pretty funny, how you TRY to bring arguments, BUT guess what, all arguments are the same about me, I am also a person, I am also a player, BUT with more sucess :exclamation:

If you have a problem with that - and as we all can see pretty much you have a problem with it - I can tell you, it will always be your problem :exclamation:



Don’t you remember the feeling to attract one player you have fought and be able to entertain him enough that he want to join. These guys don’t care… they just want to crush everybody arguin that they did that on their own…


This time I have to agree with you.
Plus you surprised me in such a good way…Yeah,that happened to me too mf :))


Since this thread has somehow changed quite a bit I will simply add my own question about the issue with @Obama here.

Can I at least get an apology from you, @Obama?

You accused me of cheating and lied about talking to me (because you probably thought “Serenity Sunrise” is not active in the forum and no one would discover your lie).

But whenever you are shown to be wrong (e.g. my screenshot where I showed my Valiant Sniper) or to have lied (we never had any conversation outside this thread) you simply stay silent for a while and continue your accussations later on with neither evidence nor apology for the false accusations and lies before.

I do not find that behaviour respectful at all and would at least expect an apology for your lie about talking to me when you never did.

Is honesty and respect too much to expect from you?


I did some accusation too but the big difference is that cloud prove is fact. So obama excuse should be done!

the other offer no proof so :wink:


Hey guys,

lets keep this peaceful. If you wish to accuse someone please message support rather than accusing on the forum. Its far more effective at actually getting anything done and stops any sort of witch hunt that might occur :slight_smile:

This thread is a bit redundant now as its for the previous raid so I’m going to go ahead and close it. Improvements were made to the anti cheat system as stated by Sarah. If people continue to cheat then please inbox Sarah or support as mentioned above.

Thank you all and hope you did well this week!

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