Is it possible to finish this raid perfectly?



  • most Single Gold Medals of all time, of all players

  • made in all versions of SuperMechs

  • HardToKill best Clan ever (made most Clan Gold Medals in SM reloaded)

I am @HappyPoppers about :exclamation:



I call names to people that deserve 'em.
Accuse innocent people of cheating.You’re an ■■■■■■■.
Make no sense and argue with people over nothing.You’re and ■■■■■■■.
Be an ■■■■■■■ with others.Then you deserve your title as an ■■■■■■■.
Saying in general.They really deserve being called that.


And is that supposed to generate envy? omg! Be seen by a psychologist. Sometimes stress plays tricks on us.


Also,one more thing…
You can have all the medals in the world for they mean nothing.They have no value.
Your value is as a person.

In your case,all you have is medals.


Of course I can help you about …

I always write facts, maybe you don’t like facts, I like facts, so it is simply your problem :exclamation:

And about ENVY …

Last weekly tournament …

1st Clan Gold Medal HardToKill
3rd Clan Bronze Medal Llyl



what the ■■■■ is going here. Why the ■■■■ are u saying all of this shit


So what if you got a higher place?
That,my friend,doesn’t mean nothing.


seriously you remember the first raid best? My only aim was to show the cheater and find a solution to avoid other cheat… The devs correct what i post but it seems there is other solution… I don’t start a vendetta against htk but some of your member use some cheat…Don’t be blind how can someone come from nowhere with …ALL THE BEST ITEM ING… i Just ask that you play the game and don’t take that kind of people in clan.

I didn’t find for now how they did for the last raid… my bad :frowning:


Oh and now you start accusing in public forum again !?



Some people never learn :exclamation:


For your information, at this moment I only feel a healthy envy for one person. She´s an Archeologist who is currently in Egypt excavating a tomb of the din. XVIII., about of which I wrote a report 7 years ago.

Of all the crazy dreams I have had in my life, it has never occurred to me to feel anything like envy for a player who wins cartoon medals in a flash game. Honestly, no. Sorry lady.


Let’s try to calm down a second.
This thread isn’t for throwing rocks at each other for cheating (tho I strongly agree with @Xcheat)
Let’s try to keep this about raid,and not about envy,who has the most medals (even if they have no real worth) or anything like that.
Sure thing you can discuss about Raid in general and how the players did on it,but please let’s limit at that.
This is already getting out of hand…
Thank you.


Wow you are so intgelligent, unbelievable :exclamation:

I am a person too, as you, at least I think you are :laughing: :exclamation:

So, I am a person with most Single Gold Medals in SuperMechs, beside that I am Top3 in the world of a real sport :exclamation:

Oh sorry, correction, a person being Top3 of the World in a real sport :exclamation:

Pretty bad hmmm :question:




Plus…Why would she be envious?
You should be envious of her for she actually has a good mouth,is very nice with pretty much everyone and is also liked on this community for her attitude.
My point…


Does anyone care?
Do you get your money out of these medals?
Do people see you as a god for that?
No x3


Sorry, just no, no, you don’t need to tell me out of your real life, I don’t want to know anything from you, all I know from you is pretty enough :exclamation:



Sorry,just no,no,no you don’t need to tell me anything about your real life,I know enough.

Right back at you.


Let it go…
This is what is all about:
So just lets be the smarter ones here and move on with the topic.


Seems you care a lot, raging and argumenting with no facts :exclamation:

But I have a question for you …

Is it bad to be the one with most Single Gold Medals :question:

So it is better to lose :question: Or having not 1 Single Gold Medal :question:

I am confused :exclamation:



When they say a picture is worth a thousand words.
Plus that couldn’t be more right.
Wanna apply the “cold shoulder”?


Yes, just support others insulting others, great, you are real person :exclamation:

very funny

now :exclamation: