Is it possible to finish this raid perfectly?


fyi you can fucc off , i dont care if they hack.


i am never protecting cheater or # thiefs. i said "you cant do anything. you can only report them"
you must think again!


Hi yes I am thief I stole ur TV


lets call police😂(joke)


You called lots of players cheaters but at least one of them was no cheater as I have shown you with the screenshot of Serenity Sunrise’s profile in a comment above.

As such I do not shield or protect cheaters but unlike you I do not want to falsely accuse innocent players of cheating.

Therefore I told you to wait and check the facts again before hastily accusing others of cheating.
That is all I did.

Therefore I return your own words back to you:

Please think again, before writing / asking something.


Yeah…Just like that guy said I ''reset my level".
And he kept going even after I gave the best proof possible and took screenshots of everything…
What the hell is wrong with the people these days?


I talk to Sunrise Serenity, for dont cheat anymore. He admit it.


That’s okay.
We never did anything like that anyway so we couldn’t care less.
Stop accusing the innocent for cheating!


Yes @Fluxeon, you steal $14 + from first raid .

500 tokens = $9
340,000 Gold SM = 300 tokens = $5.98

total = $14.98 ( from first raid event )


When and where?
What did you drink, eat or smoke before writing that?

Are you able to read English and understand its meaning?
As far as I remember you never talked to me except here in the forum.

In case you did not realize it:
Serenity Sunrise is my player name and Clouded Sunrise is my forum user name.

And I have no recollection at all about ever talking to you except here in the forum where you accused me of cheating while I showed you that I have Valiant Sniper and therefore did not cheat on raid tier 4 and 5.

Man, you are a liar saying that you talked to me.

Now come on, what other nonsense and lies do you want to spout, @Obama?

@L4K3, just as I wrote above I never talked to that liar of Obama except here in this forum thread.
And I cannot find any post made by me here about whatever lies that guy tells.

@Sarah247, is it allowed to accuse others of cheating and falsely claim and lie to have spoken to that player like Obama did?


Then start with your own please :exclamation:



I follow you on the last comment :wink:

But seriously you have koneko-chan, you just take back ko-rupt (serenity narval, diamond), you have also radioactive… seriously you can’t talk…

For a time clean the mess in top clan i’m sure other top clan will follow :wink:


Oh my god lol, this is gold, i’m going to post in the shitpost thread


I hear so much ENVY :exclamation:

You can found a self-help group and together with Wepsy you can write a report to Google-Play, I am 100% sure they will listen to you, because they care a lot about a single player, 1 out of 200 million :exclamation:



He… lapin i’m not in a clan currently! Just take a look at what happens :wink: I don’t want to be in that endless war with htk and llost but the fact are there… How can you explain the constant change of level of these guy? We are all ear?


This thread is a free circus ticket.

Im just sitting back and enjoying my show


There isnt a war between llyl and htk.
Just some isolated individuals that want to talk crap endesly.
They see the straw in one’s eye… but can’t see the beam of wood coming out of theirs.
One think i noticed, all suspected accounts ended up in Htk, and from beeing reported and rant around the forum, they became protective by this individual, that proclaims to be the most out of evrything.
The real shame is ours in the end… cause we tolerate cheating, and we tolerated this silence from the devs regarding them… that is a real shame and pitty that we allow this to happen.
And that we let ourselfs into these pittyfull clan rivalries… instead of trying to actualy stand of to these cheaters.


I dont want to get in any hate war , but metre is like a hermit , those sayings , very nice.

hai cai bun metre lol


Of all the nonsense that you write, there is one that you reiterate very frequently and for which I would like a clarification … what do you mean by “envy”?


Envy = jealousy.

Yalls be jealous lmao