Is it possible to finish this raid perfectly?


And other loool


Great anti-cheat update.


Nice to you as you take tokens cheats? You did the same thing in the last RAID.


Well it’s a bit better than last raid at the least :wink:

For what i think the top 3 are obviously cheaters. For prove, well unfortunatly i didn’t print the chat at that moment, but i talked a bit with leoShiward in the kong chat and he said something interesting that i noted : “LeoShiward: they cant block cheas that are acting like an browser plugin”. I don’t have enough computer skill to use that info but perhaps it will give a hint to the devs. Does that mean they use some already make trainer or cheating programm? Does that means they can mess up changing value directly in the java plugin? Well i don’t know…

I continue searching for other more simple way to take avantage of the game and if i find something i will pm sarah. Have fun!


Well, there would be quite a simple way to prevent cheating:
Simply make it so that only the commands are given on any device and the calculation is done by the server.
Then even if you would cheat on your own device it would not work as the server would do the math itself and send the correct (uncheated) values back to the player.

But this method would demand quite a lot of server power for all those calculations.
As such it would most likely not happen.

Well, maybe if the server could “outsource” the calculations to the devices of other users it could be done.
E.g., player A orders an action -> Server receives command -> gives calculation order to device of player B -> Player B’s device calculates the result for player A and sends it back to the server.
-> Server sends back the result of the actions to player A.

That way the player could not cheat either as the mech setup and all values would be sent from the server’s data base and the calculations would be done by others than the player’s own device.

Though that probably would need quite a difficult coding to work and players would need to agree to that as their devices would calculate for others.
But aside from that it might be possible.


With this traps, I’m going to break a spear … and if those listed with 500 or 400 tokens are bugs from the ranking list?


on a side note , i should of been on raid 6.

but because SOMEONE didnt asnwer my message in time , im stuck at raid 4 , and im missing out on 300 tokens…


300? so you gonna get more than me cause i’m losing to 3 cheaters and as i can see their score isn’t going to be reseted…


So, this time I tried to do a raid on tier 6 under the “best possible / favourable” conditions for me.
Method: Reload Extreme



My reload counts:

And now I know that if I ever want to rank in the top 10 either I need Maximum Protector and Magma Blast or Crimson Rapture (and if possible a second Valiant Sniper) or I would have to cheat.

Any other option does not exist…

Edit: And can you imagine the best part about this?
My second best raid took me less than a quarter of that time, ended with a score of 7033 and placed me on rank 15 which did not change even with my “best” raid now.


I’ve tried out different kind of modules on the same mech and I noticed that if your starting HP is higher you get higher scores at the end. Even if you lost the same amount of HP you gonna get more scores if your HP was higher at the begining. Not a lot of course: for my first try I used a mech with around 1700 HP and for the second time was around 2200 HP and Ive got like 100 points more and for the third time with 2500 HP ive got 50 more (I’ve lost 11 damage in each case).
Maybe it was just a coincidence maybe not.


After hearing what you had to say I think I came up with a theory:
It’s not about how big the difference between your max hp and the hp left is,but the percentage of the hp you have left!
Boom,I just discovered America lol xD


Tested by science … if I wait for rank 7 and take out energy, I invariably they use hook or charge.

There is no use for a resistance of 80, hook or charge + weapon is more than 80.

Rank 8 “does not exist”.

The difficult thing to accept is that even if you’ve been between 400 and 300 tokens every week, the last day drops to 200 (or at best 250). It´s not even an average, it seems that only counts what you get on day 6.


I was able to make Raid. I got 1 dmg from 5 mobs and 1 dmg from the Boss. For the entire Raid I got 6 dmg

My last attempt. I got 1 dmg from 5 mobs and 2 dmg from the Boss. For the entire Raid I got 7 dmg

How did the top 6 players get the score above mine? Ask Tacticsoft explain how it is possible!!!

We just released Anti-cheat measures.
Thanks to all the players that worked with us to uncover the cheat.
If you see anything else in the next raid send me a message.

Mathematically impossible to kill with one hit 5 mobs and the boss in the last RAID! The best result is to get 1dmg from 5 mobs and the boss. Better to do the mathematically impossible!!!

I think that some players still use cheat


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