Is it possible to finish this raid perfectly?


The truth is that everything seems secret, mysterious, hidden. Sarah tells us that they will take precautions, but you never find out what they did, or who they banned, or anything.

If you send a report, you hardly receive a promise, but you never get to know what the procedure was or conclusion or result.

The mystery of Supermechs.


Meanwhile, as El Metre points out, every week you see new cheaters appear in the game.


Okay, I just noticed that there might be a way to deal with these minion mechs without taking damage:

minion mech raid 6

But it requires a lot of luck and Valiant Sniper in a specific level range.

-> The minion mech’s drone needs 6 energy.
-> The minion mech has a teleporter with an energy consumption of 11.

So you need to start at distance 7, then attack with a Valiant Sniper to drain 142-147 energy from the minion mech.
The minion mech has enough energy to deploy the drone, so it will do that. But as the drone does not fire immediately the energy stays at 11-17.
–> You are lucky: Now theoretically the minion mech could make the decision to use the teleporter.
–> a.) But not lucky enough: If it does it might land directly behind you and deal teleporter damage to you which would make it all for naught.
–> b.) You are lucky enough: It lands at distance 2 in front of you and therefore you receive no damage from the teleport.

–> Furthermore if it uses the teleporter then its energy reduces to 0-5 points and therefore its drone cannot fire in that round.
–> You would survive the first round with 0 damage.

–> Now use 2 heat weapons at high level myth to deal a total of at least 215 total heat damage in this round to shut the minion mech down.
(Total heat damage = direct heat damage + heat cap reduction + cooldown reduction)

==> Theoretically you can deal with the minion mechs in this way without taking damage at all.
Just that you need Valiant Sniper capable of dealing 142 - 147 energy damage + at least 1 Crimson Rapture or 1 Magma Blast and one more heat weapon.

==> The only concern is that you would need to make this happen for all 5 minion mechs so you would need to have quite a lot of reloads of the game in cases that the battle does not start at distance 7, the minion mech does not use teleport or the minion mech teleports directly behind you.

Once again this is only a theoretical possibility that would be possible according to calculations.
I cannot test it as I only have one max level myth Valiant Sniper and so cannot get the minion mech to exactly 11-17 energy after my first move.
Also I have neither Magma Blast nor Crimson Rapture and hence could not overheat the minion mech after it teleports to the distance of 2 either.


Raid 6 = Flaming scope + Valiant Sniper = Damage vs Perfect


Wierd that nobody is complaining about the fact that you can get the highest score by using heat weapons. But if it would be energy then there would be a lot of complainers.


I did all that and the minions use hook and charge.


That is why I wrote that it is theoretical possible and needs a lot of luck.
As I see it the mechs have 3 choices at distance 7:

  • Hook
  • Charge
  • Teleport

So by that alone you would only have a chance of 33,3% for that to happen.
Furthermore there are 2 possible landing spots for the mech to choose:

  • Directly behind you -> dealing teleport damage
  • 2 fields in front of you -> dealing no teleport damage.

Thereby the success rate for this to happen would be 16,67% only.
And that only for the times that the battle starts at distance 7.

So for every single mech you would need to have either a lot of luck or a lot of reloads of the game.


You mean there is a possibility that they don´t use hook or charge? Because I recharged many times and on all occasions they used one or other.


I had it happen for me.
I used Savagery to heat them once, then they deployed the drone and used teleport.
I also know that there are those 2 landing spots because the first time it happened the minion mech landed 2 fields in front of me and the second time a minion mech used teleport it landed directly behind me and dealt teleport damage.
After reloading the game several times for that 2nd minion mech till it used teleport again it landed 2 spaces in front of me that time and hence dealt no teleport damage.


So let us conclude this.
You need a valiant sniper at a certain lvl of boost, so that it drains 142-147 energy.
Then just continuously reload the page until it does the exact following step… teleport at 2 space in front of you.
Then you must pack magma blast and grimsome/corupt light maxed.
So basicly it is all about exploiting that you can reloade the page infinetly until the mechs do what is needed.
How exactly is that fair? Or skilled? Or creative? Or in anyway fun?


Each time you reload the page you start with the same mech again, so you can not reload for each movement.

You start with the valiant and the mech uses hook or charge.


Funny? I believe this game has long ceased to be fun for most of us. It’s only competitive and sometimes like here in the Raid, just one way to get as many tokens and coins as possible.

The only fun I know in the game is GOAT.


First you need either Magma Blast (range 2-4 with push for 93 heat + 17 cooling reduction + 30 heat cap reduction = 140 total heat damage) or Crimson Rapture (range 1-2, no push for 135 heat + 48 heat cap reduction = 183 total heat damage).
Not both.
And then to either of these two weapons you need another heat weapon to reach a total of 215 heat damage.

Second it is “fair” as anyone who has those weapons could aim for this outcome if he / she is willing to invest all that time.

Thirdly why does it need to be creative?
This is only about the possibility of beating those mechs perfectly.
And I think I was quite creative finding this one theoretical possibility at all.

Lastly about the fun…well it would not be fun for me, so I would not try too hard for that even if I could.
But then again “fun” is something everyone decides for himself/herself.
As such if someone thinks “Finishing everything with the best possible result is fun no matter how hard and time consuming it is.” for such people it would be fun.


As far as I can understand you, I don’t understand why people are playing a game that isn’t funny for them. I mean, usually people play as a job or play for fun, there’s no many other reasons I can think about…?


I would like someone to explain to me, just the case of this player… :neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face:

And I with this spawn, I’m not able to reach

I can pass the mission without problems,
but not without avoiding to receive damage at least on the part of 3 opponents.

And you know, with just losing 1hp, there is no perfection…

Final mision IMPOSIBLE!


another one


You do actualy realise you need to valiant snipers.
One that is fully myth so that you finish the previous raids( the boss of raid 5).
And then a special lower lvl valiant for this strategy.
And i do belive that this isnt the case of those that did this raid with those scores.


This is the " bug" I use to raid. But the truth at level 5 and 6, cannot escape with 0 dmg.



First, yes, you are correct. You would need 2 Valiant Snipers if you want to complete the earlier raid tiers perfectly.
One at least at level 47 myth for the boss of raid tier 5 and one lower leveled for 142-147 energy drain.

Second, I never said that this is the way in which the other players obtained their perfect score in the first round of raids.
I still think it is impossible to beat the raid perfectly as you can theoretically beat the minion mechs in the way I described but you cannot beat the boss of raid tier 6 without taking damage.
The only way to beat the boss perfectly would be starting at range 8 to use Flaming Scope but there is no starting point of distance 8.

And the only other way might be with maximum protector myth level max + repair drone.
Then start at distance 7, heat up the boss once with Savagery or so and then hope the boss deploys its drone followed by teleport to 2 spaces in front of you.
Then you could shut it down with Magma Blast in round 2 and deploy the repair drone.
Followed by that you would have to keep it in shutdown (with the help that its cooldown is reduced by 17 = shutdown by 34 thanks to Magma Blast) while your drone repairs you.

But once again this is only theoretically and only if the raid score is only calculated at the end of the raid by comparing remaining HP to max HP while the damage taken is not counted during the raid.

So I still believe raid tier 6 has been impossible to be completed with a perfect score from the very beginning.


Solo se puede damage vs perfect es decir, usando la flaming scope con la valiant sniper de lejos