Is it possible to finish this raid perfectly?


@KilliN How you got 29.628 score ?
How many damage did you take ?


Like 100 i think, i don’t remember…


Same with me,I’m also stuck in raid 4


omg I only take 6 damage !!


That’s impossible.


Well i took 70, since i dont have myth phis protector so that the mechs deal around 10 dmg befor i take them down.
With myth protector they would deal 1 dmg.
So yeah again something nice and fishy as always.
Just gotta love these things.


Exactly 5 damage taken for every mech and 1 for the boss


The best you can do is 2 per each mech and 2 foe boss.
So the min you can is 12 dmg.
Only if the mechs use teleport, like teleport in range 2( they do that sometimes).
And that would meen 1 for each mech, and 2 for boss…
So in the best ideal conditions, that is 7 dmg.
Also the starts would have to be at range 7 evry time and the mechs to teleport in range 2 evrytime.
So i find it incredibly slim and again fishy as always.


you can finish it only with 6 damage ! see

so I dont understand why im not first with only 6 damage taken !
@Sarah247 can you said us on what are based the point ? (sorry for my english)




ohh again a cheater !


Was just about to post that…

Like i said… anticheat messures my azz.


We should be able to see replays of Raid! We need guarantees and transparency in the game!


29938 is the max score :wink:


You changed it right in front of my eyes nibba lmao


It’s not the pig’s fault, it’s the one who feeds it.

People hack and cheat because they allow it.


Exactly… this is what I keep trying to tell everyone. :slight_smile:


If sarah didn’t lied in the last pm i got from her, people already started getting banned.

Let’s give time, i’m pretty sure he will disapear from the ranking. : - )


I hope Mohadib goes to “test” again and take the No.1 spot. :slight_smile:


So what exactly are u suggesting to be done?
I called out at the top clans to exclude them out, so that they can be seen and be easier to report… but you guys didnt want to do that… this is Shiro all over again.
I see new accounts pop up evryday, with items that are rare as unobtainium, myth protectors, plates, 6-9 magmas, bunkers… out of nowhere.
We report them but quess what… still there.