Is it possible to finish this raid perfectly?


Aaah,okay then.
Didn’t remember what who said :stuck_out_tongue:
But I am certain that someone,in this thread,came up with one possible way.
Not trying to find something to argue about here,btw.


Do have to make a draw? You reset your level… but perhaps it’s like, radioactivephantom, kevin, techno, riche, konoko, daniel, yas, diamond (ko-rupt) currently, just a mistake… hoooo a wrong button…


Yep i have them both at max myth…
I tried last raid evry damn possible combination.
Then i came with that explanation of using 40%+ shield, myth protector(myth phis protector better, dont have myth protectors), and the legacy repair drone( i dont have the repair drone).
But it waz dissmised by someone who tried it.
So last raid was done perfect using cheatengine( or other softs that are better the it).
I havent checked, but i think some of them still work on this raid too.


I know it angers us alot to see cheats beeing used in this game… and i know it makes us feel like neglected but i can only say PACIENCE is a virtue we must train hard in this game.
Just a few moment ago, i stumbled onto a nice cheated account konenko, out of nowhere, full fused mechs and 4 myth plates and protector out of the blue.
It pains me to have spent a ludicrious amount of money, and not land a single myth plate… and now i see others get them by the bundle.


Sorry to intrude into your conversation with Xcheat but there was no way to complete the raid tier 6 completely without taking any damage due to the minion mechs in that raid.

Read the maths here:

The minion mechs had a heat cap of 158 and a cooling of 57.
So to shut them down in one attack you would need 158 + 57 = 215 heat damage.
But even Flaming Scope only has 212 heat damage in one attack.
Therefore they were able to do at least one move no matter what you did.

Also draining their energy was useless, too, because they had an energy-free hook and energy-free close-ranged (1-2) weapons.

As such those minion mechs would definitely attack at least once and therefore deal damage to any player.

As for the boss it could theoretically be shutdown with Flaming Scope’s heat damage as it had 166 heat cap + 21 cooling. --> 188 heat damage needed for shutdown after first attack.
Crimson Rapture (135 heat damage + 48 heat cap reduction = total 183 heat damage) would not have been enough.

The only possible explanation might have been maximum protector combined with some legacy items “Repair Drone” and “Shield”.
But I cannot calculate that as I do not have these items.

Also that would only work out if the result is only counted at the end of the raid by comparing remaining HP with the max HP and then calculating the score based on the difference.
If the system registers the damage itself taken during the mission then healing would be useless.
However that is a part TS would have to let us know for us to understand if it can work or not.


This cannot be done since you never start at Flaming Scope range turn 1.


Yeah,that could be a possible way.
I’m gonna say anything about it anymore,for I see it kinda starts a ruckus around here…
Thanks for doing the maths again and demonstrating it properly,that comes in much appreciated.


That is why I wrote “theoretically”.
But the boss wasn’t so important anyway as the real absolutely impossible hurdle was the two minion mechs.


You are the better proof of cheat with the resel level with these phys mechs with nearly all mythed parts, because phys weapons are usually “easy” to get and the income from reset and leveling make you able to myth it very easily.


you’re back to 91 really impressive rush…


I’m just going to remind you all that this thread isn’t about who cheats and who does not.

If I were an admin, I’d make this text box brown XD


you are right nemesis i stop here till tomorrow.


Personally, it does not bother me that a developer participates in game, at least he sees it “from inside” …

But Killin … what do you mean by “Free Stuff” …?


The matter of Koneko, I’ve seen it yesterday. He is part of “USSR” clan, where half of members carry Russian flag, I wonder if that is what has been formed after Shiro was dissolved.


You still invest real money :question:

OMG, there are still ways to get all for FREE.

Also, you can invest 10,000 $ and you will never see a leg-to-mythical HP modul :exclamation:
I know why :exclamation:

You should better throw your money direct and for real out of the window, that is more FUN :exclamation:

Just a good ment tip :exclamation:



Well, in this game there is nothing free, nothing here is free!

After all, the money you invest comes from your work (or someone else’s job) and represents time in your life.

In the same way, if you don´t buy anything with money here, you have to see advertisements, advertising is the way you pay what you get and also represents time of your life. Money or advertising, meet the same economic objective.

Here there is nothing free, or put money or look advertising. Free, what is said free, is something that you get in exchange for no consideration. Here there is not really anything free.


What do you mean “Free stuff”?

You now have the opportunity to earn up to 500 tokens a week.



I didn’t even read your posts lol, you have “cheat” on your name and want people to be banned, go away.


here is the best score you can get without cheat ^^ im proud but i dont say how i get that score i want 500 tokens :smiley: