Is it possible to finish this raid perfectly?


Let’s analyse this for a second.

Buggy:191 hp,66 heat,66 energy cap.
Can be double overheated (shut down) and energy broken.
Mostly a 1 shot kill from my Malice beam and Annihilation.
Can be finished perfectly.

Tank:262 hp,98 heat and 98 energy cap.
This is where the problems start.
Can be energy broken (using Malice beam,Hysteria and whatever).
I doubt there’s any weapon that could perma-overheat it.
Though,high-damage weapons can also 1 shot it.
Some weapons won’t insta-kill it but yes,
Can be finished perfectly.

Hound:550 hp,78 heat and 71 energy cap.
Could be perma-overheat.
Could be energy broken with conventional weapons,however it has two energy-free weapons,a charge and a hook.
Can barely be perfected with casual (free) builds. like using a Maxed Mythical Corrupt Light or mass heaters with cap/cooling damage.
Can be made perfectly using these weapons:
Can not be perfected using energy weapons,only using heat types,not even bunker shell.Do the math,even at its max damage hit it would do 515 damage<550.
Conclusion:Can be perfected.

Base Defender Mark 4:550 hp,150 heat,140 energy cap.
Can NOT be perfected by energy other than 140+ drain weapons
Its drone uses energy as well,which means the energy weapons you would need in order to perfect it would be:
As for heat weapons,the only one capable of perfecting it is:
FS would perma-overheat it.
But it has 8 range only,and that’s pretty hard considering the randomness of distance.
Plus,it has a grapple and a charge,so you’ll take at least one hit using any energy weapons anyways.
As for Flaming Scope,you wouldn’t hit the 8 range every match from the first round.
So,calculating this now:
Even when using the right combination of weapons and ranges (the weapons are listed above),your chance of perfecting this level would be incredibly slim.
The average chance,even with the right weapons,even with a mixed build of all types and ranges,would be around 8%, mostly due to the range of Flaming Scope at the last battle ( for FS is the only capable weapon to perma-overheat the last boss).
It is absolutely impossible to make it with casual/free builds.
Even when using premiums,you’d need a couple of them,maxed…Also they are hard to get and the better ones (like the ones I listed above) are really hard to get.
Only the top players would be able to perfect this level.The top of the top with full-premium builds.
I’m positive that this is the last mission one could perfect (even though it’s almost impossible…Possible but just by a super tiny little bit and after a good couple runs).


So,pretty much a full-premium build with an ASH CREATOR/CRIMSON RAPTURE,FLAMING SCOPE,VALIANT SNIPER,SORROW/MAGMA BLAST could beat it…And even then,the chance of taking just one hit from a charge or grapple is very high.
Keep in mind that the ONLY weapons capable of perfecting the boss is FLAMING SCOPE.
And it doesn’t always start at 8 range,so it’s super hard even for full-premium builds.
The chance is extremely little but yes,it is possible.


There is a way. You can reload the page many times until the opponent comes out at the right distance from your deadliest weapon, or that it removes more energy or heats more. Do it with each of the mechs. If you have a death punch, look for it to be within shooting distance of your death punch.

At least, until yesterday you could with this little trick.

But, I would say that today, in the 4th, it´s impossible to take down the boss without receiving any damage. Since the drone doesn´t need energy and the boss carries 150 of heat, so you cannot reheat it either. And I don´t know any weapon that hits more than 500 on the first shot.

Energy weapons don´t shoot so hard the first time. No, until all your energy has been removed.


I dont think reloading changes the position.

also ash cannot kill that mech, because we will get stomped, so only way is valient / magma blast
also it works only if opponent is 4 + distance away at starting

it never starts in range of flaming scope.


I’m pretty sure Crimson Rapture can shut the boss down, so it can be perfected.

@L4K3 on a side note, it’s impossible to use Flaming Scope on the 1st turn.


Change the position. But sometimes you should reload up to 10 times the page.


I didnt know that , i play on mobile , i tried quitting and then re attacking , it doesnt seem to change position, not sure about reloading


The one who pulls rank 8? I have never seen that they are placed in the 8th rank … !!!


Nope, i’m talking about the heat Ash Creator.


Do it as many times as necessary. Until you get what you want.


That’s why I said the chance would be very thin…-8%
I don’t know if reloading pages could help…But even then it would still be hard.

The drone is indeed energy-dependent.But that wouldn’t really make a difference anyways.
Trust me,I spent a lotta time thinking about every weapon in place…FS is the only way.
Other than that,yes…

Even then…You have more than 90% chance to receive a hook hit or a stomp from the previous fights…
Btw,when I say 8%,that only goes for the last boss…The overall chance of perfecting this level is waaaay smaller.


That’s wrong, again, it’s impossible to start at Flaming Scope range since it’s an asymmetric range and game always place you and your opponent in perfect symmetry.

It’s pretty easy to perfect that level, this 8% chance is just your assumption. I can perfect everyone easily till the boss; cannot perfect him too since I miss Rapture unfortunately, but if you have 'em it’s kinda easy.


There is a chance for it to appear on 8 range but it’s very unlikely.

I don’t know how much cooling it has for I play 2 physicals and 1 energy…Depending on it might be possible.
However,the problem would still be the range so it’s still unlikely…


Ohh come on, why did you post this? I mean this is the only way that non-payers can defeat the missions without premium weapons.
If the devs fix this nonpayers will never be able to defeat these bosses.
This way they had a slight chance of winning by using non-premium weapons in the best possible range. If tthey fix this its gonna be one in a million chance to win because there is a little chance that all mechs gonna be in the right position.



crimson is 135 heat dmg and 42 cap damage

so unless the boss’s cooling is less than ~30 it cant overheat it


Sure,the chances show us that it’s almost impossible,however:

This image shows us it is possible.
That’s why I wanted to create this topic…
To demonstrate in detail that it is indeed possible,but just barely and only for the top players with premium builds.



Crimpson heats 135 and the boss carries 150 heat. You cannot reheat it with 1 single shot.


I have premium versions.

I have not tried with energys weapons. But experience has told me that energys weapons don´t hit so hard the first shot.

I would have to see the replays of those players to see what happened. Maybe they had a lot of luck or they managed to receive only 1 drone hit.


Crimson lower max heat cap, also.
It’s 135 heat -48 cap, so it’s actually 183 heat.