Is it possible to finish raid [5] perfectly?

Valiant Sniper!

flaming scope no range

i guess physical doesnt even stand a chance

You guess? Lol

I cant still see perfect raids on it WTF!!! !!! !!! !! !

The same strategy as before:
Valiant Sniper + overheating.
It needs to be at least lv. 47 myth to drain at least 186 energy.
Then the boss cannot activate its drone and will hop towards you again.
So from dustance of 7 as the starting point using 2 Corrupt Lights in the second round will shut it down and allow you to win.

Just too bad that my Valiant Sniper is only at lv. 24 and drains too less energy. :sob:


They actually need to balance raid levels. seriously.

i can make it perfectly lol image


I just hope that TS will make the raids adapted to other types the next time.
Like this time energy focused - next time then heat focused and then physical focused so that every player has a chance once with whatever build they prefer.

Oh well currently its

this time energy next time energy and heat next time energy and forever energy

Fortunately, all enemies in this raid are energy based. So after one Vailant shot you are safe. That was much easier than stage 4. Could not make it perfect, sadly…

All you need is a crimson rapture and nightfall to get 4k+ score in this one :slight_smile:

But though for physicals, my maxed physical didn’t get moe than 2k :frowning:


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Last level is just made for those on the cusp or are one of the big boys.