Is it me or...?

Is it just me or am I the only one that thinks the Heat Bomb should have knockback?? …It’s literally a nuke!


Ye and it’s not a nuke a nuke would be a 1 shot one kill

i was thinking "wait, if this thing is explosive… and it has ranges 2-4… IT SHOULD HAVE KNOCK-BACK!!!"
people would maybe still complain for a heat terror cry, but there would at least be a heat weapon from E-M that does knock-back…


Its a nuke for heat.
Now I understand why it has 2 shockwaves going 2 ways.
Heat hits you.
Heat hits the enemy.

It would be still a one hit one kill if it was a nuke even for heat

Hell yes looks like a nice idea, knockback both mechs would give it an special effect, what you think @Sarah247?


Weapons with recoil?