Is it just me or


I’ve checked my account after 4 days not playing ( busy in school ) just to remake my mechs. Now I just was gonna get my Rocket Module with 70 rockets but I found it missing. All I had was the one with a capacity of 65 and 2 with 80 rockets.

Anyone else lost something on their items…? Or is it just me?


Maybe its a plan , Someone inside Tacticsoft wants Revenge :smiling_imp:

maybe its a visual bug or you didn’t get it in the first place,
What I said above was a joke


How come it would be visuals if I got it way longer than it is? Also, I used it on some occasions whenever 80 rocket modules are too heavy when I used my 1st Medal Shredder like last 2 months.


Do you have a s**tton of items by any chance? There is a chance that you have so many items that some of them won’t appear until you fuse some… Also, you should check your “mech slots”, maybe you forgot it somewhere else :smiley:


Sometimes…I wonder who exactly is that someone


Nope :frowning:


Then my joke , maybe true
Soon your other items will disappear


I also lost an item. Lost my level 12 yoshimo x (245,000 fusion points), so I switched to godmode. It was not in my inventory, change mech order or equipped. And I definitely did not fuse it. I sent a report to the developers, they gave me a free ultra mythical box and are working on fixing the bug. So just report it to the developers.


How to report :confused:


Reporting will be useless , They want revenge !!!

Send them mail


Go to settings/more options in the game, there you will find support option.


I did already. Now, just waiting for at least 1 decade to be answered


It took them 1-2 days to answer me, no idea why it is taking them so long to help you


They want revenge , Don’t think they will answer you


Still no reply…


uh, it’s easy, it’s the whole Tacticsoft team