Is It Just Me? Or is This Really Happening


I feel the forum is a little TOO active,
Even the guys who used to see the forum regularly but never posted (yea thats me) are active,Plus new guys who are happy for the update and posting
And of course the old vets who havent given up on the forum and kept trying to keep it alive

For this
Thanks Alex And Co.
We expect a lot from you and little by little you meet our expectations :smiley:


I never really done a lot on the forum in the past but the updated version is user friendly and visually appealing and I think it will draw even more people as time goes on :smiley:


This forum does not look like I will get viruses, its not clunky, and very easy to navigate. I expect this to take off! :sunny:


not to get off topic or anything but… Lemon if you run your browser with a program called sandboxie you can differ most viruses (including the infamous Cryptolocker)


I was just trying to point out the look of the game is kind of sketch, but thank you!


I very much appreciate this new user friendly forum.


It can never be TOO active!! Come keep me company and have fun rants and random antics!

But I am honestly very happy to see so many people liking the new forum and posting. I hope to continue seeing everyone post and add to this wonderful community :slight_smile:


Haha don’t get ahead of yourself.
This forum is new, and we don’t have enough members yet to determine if it will continue to be successful.
45 members is a good start though. I hope this forum will grow into something great.