Is it better to boost power units or the item directly?

Are power units worth boosting?

The item directly. You’re wasting fusion power by upgrading a power unit.

The only acceptable time you should ever upgrade power units is when you’re over the limit and have no other choice.

Other than that, forget about upgrading them.


awesome. thanks for your wisdom

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how do you boost a power unit?

The same way you would a normal item. Albeit the power unit ONLY appears if you go through the upgrade section. They do not appear within your inventory. (but they are indeed there).


I like to think of power units as garbage cans. Since there’s no delete option, this is the next option to use when your inventory is max and you need to clear room. Hence, the reason why I keep my only legendary power unit. The common and rare power units I fuse away, no reason to keep them since they’re common drops.


Nah, They’re a waste so just use them FOR boosting

Item directly.
Obviosly ts is too lazy to make them more power.

No, this was their original intent. Which is completely pathetic. (there’s an old topic where you can read about them). Think it was by Fluxeon.


Then that means that they are always usless at all time?

Ehhh, they still serve some what their original purpose. Mostly to get below the limit.

while wasting fusion power, yayayayayayaay

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Stupid idea, better to upgrade another item, even in such situation.

You can use then this item ex. epic for transform.
Power units you cant.
You have to do this mainly, so no lose. Epic -> LEGEND (myth food)

But upgrading another item to increase it’s power, only lose power.
Better to use both item to upgrade.

How get below limit ?
If you trash them to without upgrading them you have yet more free place.
And without losing power XD.