Is heronmark worth it?

I just got the heronmark, for my heat mech. If i get a crimson rapture or something ill replace it, but is it worth keeping for now?

depends on your mech

Backbreaker would be replaced with heronmark

IMO it’s worth the replacement

Use it only if you are a close range mech, which you are not. Replace BB with a 2-4 heat weapon in the future (if possible).

HeroMark also has terrible damage.

That is like saying that you’d trade all your pocket money for a dog shit picked up from an intersection :laughing::rofl:

Yeah,it is,for now.
Heronmark is weak compared to other 1-2 sides,but it will do the job for now.
However,replace it as soon as you get a CR or anything range 1-2 like Reckoning (for push and blunt dmg),even 2-4 like Magma Blast/Abomination (for push) and Sorrow.


Im hoping for cr, just gotta get it first

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Btw,some Scorching Feet/Devouring Paws would better fit the mech.
Especially Scorching Feet.

Me too.I’m praying for the guy to get that one L-M.
Good luck matey!

Im thinking scorching feet cause they have some more health

SCORCHING FEET ------------ (122), 2 Jump, 413 HP, 143-187 ExDmg, 36 HeatDmg, 1 Push
DEVOURING PAWS------------ (121), 2 Jump, 394 HP, 140-220 ExDmg, 44 HeatDmg, 1 Push
It’s just a difference of 19 hit points…
That couldn’t be more inconsiderate…
Plus,I’d say Paws,for not only they have better explosive and heat damage,but…
While Scorching Feet have heat,energy and physical variants,Devouring Paws are only heaters.
Plus those things look f**king gorgeous!

lol i have to get one first, have never gotten one in all my farming and boxes, they are super rare

Well, there used to be energy and physical devouring paws. And they used to be able to walk 4. The update sucks.

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I’m not living in the past,son :slight_smile:
All I’m saying here is based on the new version…for the others are no longer available and there’s pretty much no point in talking about them…
And no…I don’t think the update sucks…Some things are better,some things are worse.
Whatever :smile:

They range from Epic to Mythical Tier (E-M’s) so I wouldn’t say they are sooo darn rare…Just be patient buddy,for you most definitely will come across a pair :wink: :+1:

HeronMark sucks, it’s just a legendary to mythical heat redwall. Its damage sucks. Its heat damage sucks. Don’t equip it. Use it to fuse/transform.

WTF that is my mech not yours

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I was fighting only one mech with heat sword. My physical absolutely crushed it. Bro it is unworth your time.

Put it toghether with terrorblade… and you got a nice close range fightet.
Ad grimsome to this mix, or magma( for a finishing combo), and you are cooking with fire.
Heronmark alone… kind of sucks.
I have it as myth… without terrorblade, or grimsome, or even that other 1-2range( rare l-m, that looks luke crazed repeater), is crap.carp

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I looked all over the Post-Nerf Mythical List for this ‘‘Grimsome’’ and didn’t find anything.
Then I googled it.Nothing.
I even searched youtube…Still nothing.
Searched everywhere I could for over 20 minutes…I was so excited like:
’‘Oh em gee,a new good weapon?Maybe they didn’t post its details yet,let’s keep looking for it’'
Then I got confused and started saying it loud.
And it sounded a little bit like Crimson,then I figured out what you meant hahaha :laughing::rofl::rofl:
I’m a big,idiotic sack of potatoes…

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Yeah it is an inside Joke of me and Morde… we tend to rename the wepons for fun.
It is Crimson Rapture.
Sorry …

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