Is Greedy Good?

I mean, I know it’s hella weak but, damn I like the resis drain and weight.




I already knew that, but I saw a few Greedy builds in my lifetime, and they were pretty strong.

I thought greedy will be buffed
just wait

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Working on something for next season. Will keep you updated

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It’s good but very situational

Let’s do some math here.

Greedy does 10 resist drain with 87-142 damage (Max myth + 20%) or an average of 115 damage.

Void does 5 resist drain with 172-216 damage (Max myth + 20%) or an average of 194 damage.

It’s clear that Greedy’s drain will eventually overtake Void’s damage, However, this will take much longer than the average battle to level out. Yet their is one factor I’ve seen neglected in these equations. The resistance drain applied to weapons. In 6 turns, Greedy (115+306) will outdamage Void (194+156), with Greedy dealing 295 total damage and Void dealing 284 total damage.

What this means is, that to maximize your damage, you need to maximize your survivability. So yes, go for Greedy if you’re making a super-tanker, but Void for everything else.

I think it was @El_metre who did this calculation before… and yes, it’s a good calc.

But it generally takes around 4-5 turns to fight a phys in Rank 4 so I doubt anyone would still use it.

That’s why I said unless on a super-tanker. I know @cyanine has a claw, which is why I recommended a tanker, specifically something like Koh’s build from Troll Fast.

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I find it useful if you need to quickly break the opponent’s resistance.
But damage-wise it ain’t really handy.

IS this a good build?


Specials : Tele, Hook Charge, Void

Or this


Mods are same

Or this


Specials : Hook, Charge and Void

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Ah, nevermind. I see now.

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Well it’s not,but keep it.
It has 20 kg right? You should keep it if your kg is almost maxed.


Fixed my azz.
But keep it.
You will need it later if you have almost kg mech.

if you know how to use greddy then it can become a good drone… otherwise it’s better to stick with void

I do know How to use it, get alot of weapons that deal lotsa resistance drain.

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It’s called Greedy for a reason, it wastes your resources by tempting you to myth it