Is Desert Fury good?


So… I just got the item called “Desert Fury,” and I was wondering if it was good… but if it is good, I don’t know what to replace it with.
on the top weapons I mean. This is my mech
40 AM
Anyone know what I should replace desert fury with.


If you have a maxed wepon then you should replace it with eagle. Soo you should not replace it with cannon but eagle


I don’t want to say this

Your mech are all shit items…


Desert fury is useful for only high HP phy mechs


Eh I know. I am trying to find the right items, and I am replacing torso with WIndigo. Maybe even zakares if I can find it again.


I have 1700 hp so… is that enough?


That is enough…




I suggest you to switch torso and use Zarkares


and get rid of that glorified meat tenderizer…


Hello!! Actually, it’s not a very good item, except because goes down the resistance . max 50 myth lower 23 of resistance to your opponent and has 2 uses.

I have had it twice, but finally I always ended up removing it from my phys.

Don´t take off the night eagle. It´s one of the best items in the game.


So should I take off the Mighty Cannon weapon?


Or keep it and use Desert Fury as a Mythical Fuel


I would do the following …

Remove mighty or eagle and place desert fury … try 2 battles and then choose.

I’m sure you’ll finally leave your mech as it is.

For now, no fuse.


Ok… so 2 battles… okeeeeeee


Oh and a bit late on this, but I am in school so I have to do it at around 4:00 xD


Nightfall is good tho


I have nightfall equipped right now.


I know, just sayin