Is Dawnblaze any good without upgrades?

I have an epic dawnblaze at about lvl 21, and I need suggestions. BTW should I put on Nightfall or Annihalation?

Put in annihilation, it doesn’t need energy to use and is quite useful

It depends… If you face a pusher that can push you out of the short range (1-2), you are toast, because you will never shoot a full salvo. So if you go 2x Annihilation, you simply need a Nigh Eagle (physical top pull weapon). Otherwise you lose against pushers. But if you meet an energy mech with last words, you are toast anyways. So a good pool of energy is always welcome… But then you may go with Nightfall, it is also a viable build… And as for dawnblaze, I have it with the following setup:

In my opinion works great, but you need energy to fire.