Is BloodWeep Good?

Just got this from a fortune box. No idea if it would be good for my mech…
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it honestly depends on what mech you use it against

oh ok.

heat mechs well with those it depends on how much dmg it does and how close you have to get

nope.high drain,but less dmg.
BLOODWEEP--------------(35)2-4 range,147-209 dmg,20 phys res drain



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Ok ima use it for mythical fuel then. 1 more legendary until mythical annihilation. Yay. (Maybe mythical nightfall?)

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It is a niche weapon it is for fightIng Mechs with high armor. I would use 2 with greedy but there are better more robust weapons.

No…It dosent have that much damage
But if you want to use it for good status then do it.

You should ask @lordgorgon, he used it a while ago in his res drain machine

Why did you reply to me?I’m not the one asking.

For that weight,yeah,it’s good.
Compared to the usual physical weapons,no way.
That weapon is made to be a filler,on a build with heavier modules maybe,as an extra weapon.
It’s a phys control side weapon.