Is anybody able to get on?


im playing now how u cant?


Our country still can’t play it now
What is your country?


im from mexico but my ip is USA idk how or i have a dinamic ip


I don’t Martymar has anything to do with the hack. Last time SPX hacked SuperMechs Martymar seemed pretty upset and even made a thread about how he found the hacker.


It just now went back up for me. if you were already logged in, the site never went down.


yep its back…


yay we hoo its back up for you guys


For me, I can now go to the website again, but it’s stuck on


same here

sorry ran out of likes


I’m sure there working on it and it should be up and running at 8:00 am (-6) GMT my time tomarrow.


oh thats nice
quite nice probly so these problems usually dont run through a day or 2


i think it is the same for all…
i can’t get in too…


For me all works fine (Austria, middle Europe) :exclamation:

Funny how the only 2 countries in Europe mentioned are Romania and Italy :exclamation:



So far it still doesn’t work.


damn of course the top player gets access
by the way long time no see


I think its about the distance from Austria to Israel, pretty close, but thats just a guess :exclamation:



whats that have to do withs this? besty you making no sense :sweat_smile:


it is called central europe…:grinning:


There are servers around the world, huge internet servers … if you are closer to one (using this), which one already gave free this internet adress (the attacked one), it seems to work :exclamation:

Thats how internet works :exclamation:

Or do you have a better explanation why all works fine for me, but not for many others :interrobang:



uhhhhhhhh yah a bit confused :confused:
oh okay still dont get it but i ma just make like i did so yah. :grin:

and no i dont/ment that in a good way non sarcastic
and just to check you still know it plague knight right not some new person