Is anybody able to get on?


oh that makes sense


TheWolfPreys uploaded what titan is like on YT…


I wonder how much money SuperMechs is losing becuase of this attack. There probably working as fast as they can to get it fixed, hence the reason they haven’t had time to post an update about what happened.


How did the wolf preys get on???


Go back to the poll I made, he was one of the few who could get on.


Yea I saw the video!


Must be certain parts of the world that are affected. If you live in a certain country maybe you can play unaffected.


Yes. That is what happened in the last DDoS, why, SPX, whyy!


Argentina is still down :pensive:




Well SPK I hope you get banned for 1,000 years and get prosecuted for the damages. @Spoofexo you suck how low do you have to be in order to do this. You idiot!


He’ll just keep making new accounts


Not if the loser is in Jail!


ah hm guys you missed the weapon minecraft command
/@kill spx mincraft command


@SwiftTerminator Why are you using the leafyishere profile pictuce over and over, we get it.


its still not fixed man this sucks the screen just shows that its loading :frowning:


Its a good thing the community has not been hacked. It would be even more boring waiting for the SM techs to figure things out. :slight_smile: OOPS I forgot LMAO


I’m putting it when ever I say something satire.


Is there anybody that can play that missed the attacks?


We are hope you fix this problem