Is anybody able to get on?


Haven’t been able to get on since yesterday. Missing cool new titan .-.


really its the start to the destruction of flash games noooooo
just kidding buut its a thought


I wonder who did it :thinking:


i guess these kinds of people

or some one that really hate flash games
or maybe epic games the creator of fortnite it might be there way of trying get even more people play there game
just also a thought


It´s all the shit that anonymity on internet allows, hackers, attacks, cyber bully etc. Anonymity and lack of regulation and / or adequate controls.


All SPX is doing is making a bunch of people mad and he’s also wasting watts on his computer. :joy:


Oh my gosh, your right!


what the fock for real seriously this is stupid
i see it but why would some one make it


You don’t even understand that graph lmao


mean how do they know when a ddos attack is happening?
thats the part i dont understand


Abnormal data sensors.


Google’s Project Shield may help.


i saw that to i was thinking about that


Oh, on the internet people aren’t as anonymous as you think. If need be the police can track ip addresses. No one is anonymous on the internet. How do you think they catch people on four chan that use anonymity? Everything you do on the internet is tracked. However is doesn’t stop people from hacking.


Not really but it’s a graph of DDos attacks and clearly there a lot of attacks.


I was referring to PlagueKnight.


hey what the yellow bubble things mean there not lines like the others


DDos stands for Distributed. Denial. Of. Service. Anytime there is a distributed denial of service it’s a DDos attack.


Oh sorry for the misunderstanding.


Here is a key for the map.