Is anybody able to get on?


i don t get that guy point of view,he is wasting his time XD what s the point?
is he trying to idk make devs care more about sm? making community unable to play the game

or is he exposing his encoding abilities attacking a flash game?


i dont but its a whole lot of idiocy going on so all we can wait is for the gods/ts to fix it


feels wierd if u dont play super mechs for a whole day already i have been waiting at least 17 hours already :frowning:


Martymar also cried for compensation for the attack, which may be another reason.


I don’t know why anyone would waste time hacking a game. I thought they said the security was updated.


YESSSSSSSS!!! Super mechs is back online anyone else?


i spoke to soon


ah hm you can edit a post


Just now my account loaded. The funny thing, was my other account was logged in and playing. So it was just an issue of getting past the loading page.


2 months = Last time he attacked was on November.


who was?


Or try to extort Tacticsoft in some way … or simply have nothing to do, is an invisible person in real life, someone who lives only in the virtual world and seeks recognition. Either way, it´s criminal behavior and you cannot justify the crime or make it unpunished for a family life or a difficult personal condition.


The website now works but it’s stuck on:


that means the gods care/they always have


SPX aka Spoofex aka the hacker.


oh dat peep
hmmm i have had some thought and i think i have come up with some thing


I’ve been playing SuperMechs for over a couple of years and now all of a sudden they get hacked 2 times in short periods of time. I don’t ever remember of them getting hacked before all of this. Something weird is going on.


i think its a person that take advantage of his so called coding skills
and he attacks sm because in his life probly a whole lot of shit has happened to him and its probly his way of getting back to the world
thats my thinking


Tactisoft is a bunch of idiots. How the hell does this happen twice within a few months? Their security updates are flippin useless and all they do is release p2w garbage… smh


From what I have read attacks ddos have increased on all the games. It isn´t exclusive to TS.