Is anybody able to get on?


They made new ones.
In fact, they made two accs in the same day.

Such dedication into hacking a flash game.


may i know what will they gain from that attack ?? just losing time


Hey I found a website with the same user profile picture.


They said they did it to “expose vulnerabilities for better security”. But you got to atleast have the site owner’s authority.

So I doubt that.


Rip my raid tokens :frowning:


You’ll get them tomorrow


Was this just a joke or was it for real because @Martymar was posting a lot yesterday and then just stopped and is second most like by spx. Not sure what to think?PNG



ummm what dis mean?


Look at the last photo.


what about it


@Winz_Kay called out @spx and @Martymar replied.


ah okay then hmm thats a bit weird
how come i’m featured in the first one?


@24178 you’re right bro


Because you have gave @Martymar the most likes but that is not important it is the second on which is @spx


This is what the deleted thread from the hacker looked like.


i have? wow i never knew that thats weird but okay


Sorry about that but my wifi has been glitching out.


Hacker Spoofex (aka SPX) also made a comment on this thread 15 hours ago.


hmm i wonder cause mine has been acting up to
and its annoying because it wont let me win a god damn match


Look a the time difference it is 2 months
I found the thread Updated: Super Mechs Website / Game Disruption Notice