Is anybody able to get on?


Keep dreaming mate xD
We won t get a damn
All that we gonna get will be next event which will probably be a gold portal or idk raffle or premium sale or maybe 1000 offer

I will rather like a pack with a lm (new torso is also accepted) since tokens are losing their value(at least for me, since item portals seems to be extincted, and packs give just purple stuff)

What if they will give a paint portal with a decent legy drop(let s say idk… 1 legy at every 3-5 refills

But sure, getting a food legy after using 150 tokens will break the game, yeah


Might be another DDOS, considering a new account was recently made with the name “SPX”.


in fact,2 alt accounts with a name relating to spx have been made.
lets hope this doesnt turn into something much worse.


“Upgraded security” my ass


again hmmmmm ehhh at least i kind of stopped playing


Yes and without openvpn!! Thanks @Burnt_Out soo much!!!


Get up stand up
B. M


wat hapen the game not work ( game over )


thanks for reminding me for all good things in this game :wink:


What is a DDOS attack


That’s what jhjln87 said


so when can we play?


until TS fix the problems


i can get on on my phone(with wi-fi) but not on my computer(on the same wi-fi)


security is shit game is shit everything went to shit, goodbye




It is a DDoS. I am not sure if the thread was unlisted, but the person responsible (SPX) made a thread about it.


i didn’t find that thread can you tag me ?


The thread has been taken down. I was there. I made two posts there.

  1. Is my very inaccurate information about site testing.
  2. Quoting SPX on calling me a retard


How did they make a thread if all of the accounts are banned or did they make a new one.