Is anybody able to get on?


From the list of servers select “Germany”


Here … in Austria all works fine since 4 hours :exclamation:

As info for the once who did not saw it …

A “new” forum member (SFX) announced that “he made the SuperMechs server down”, if true or not we will never know, but what we know that some “kids” (or mature players, who are like kids), take this game way to serious, therefor to much hate and envy grew in their mind … let make them do crazy things in this / about this game :exclamation:

Maybe they should invest more time into their real life, as sport, school, friends and/or work :exclamation:


You remind me of the good times, when I dined with Amenhotep III … that was before Queen Ty became jealous …


The history of those times is more instructive than the discussion of current SMproblems.


The server list is accessible by tapping the flag, by the way


Today reward from raid, and new Titan.


And we can not go –


I think they will give us something tomorrow


Something like 150 tokens chest.


it recovered on facebook…


All, the reward for the raid is lost, I sleep


The reward for raid you’ll get it tomorrow


The rewards for Raid aren’t even worthhh anymore.

  • The game works just fine!
  • I have a way to get into the game.
  • I can’t get in the game…

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100 token for f2p is great reward!


well i always get 50 tokens on raid.
i only got 100 once when i beat a really easy raid 6.


so i was right about (SFX)


Dang it,can’t enter.What did they break this time?


Nice fix @Burnt_Out; works for me.

Anybody got a fix for PC?
Im trying this in chrome:
But so far still wasn’t able to find a proxy server that would work


Maybe look for a Chrome extension that connects you to a proxy?