Is anybody able to get on?


You could also try to use a vpn based in another region, that was tried when SM was DDoS’ed and some specific regions worked, but I don’t suggest going through the trouble :confused:


We all have the same problem. And if it really is a new attack DDOS is not quick to solve. As we don´t have a communication from the admin, we don´t know. But easy to solve isn´t, or they would have fixed it.


@Berserk40000 It’s been more than 10 hours since I was able to get online. Is there some kind of maintainence on Supermechs or is there a DDOS attack?


nah i cant get on its been loading for me for a while


If it is a DDoS then it is not a very good one, i have seen multiple ways to get on supermechs. I am able to get on mobile by using cellular (I am AT&T) I have seen other players use 3rd party websites, and a vpn will probably work.


U have a choice of two options:
1.The very oldy hardware has not been upgraded for a long time, because the ghoulish greed has long spent all the profit.
2.Today Orthodox Christmas and so drunken Ded Morozzz dropped his balalaika on the server SM.

PS And well, I just naive to ask - BD works now?

PPS And I am extremely surprised that the players still have the remnants of loyalty.


SM is not a bad game because the devs make descisuons the majority of forums don’t like, I personally like the game because of art quality and a good storyline, it’s hard to find an old game out there that hasn’t become “p2w” (pay 2 win)


Select the first option. Alexander has said on occasion that the hardware is old.


Just moving another thread to here, trying to clear things up.


Can play from phone
Not from pc


I don’t really believe in Ded Moroz either, in this particular case :sunglasses:

At all the Ded Moroz (aka Grandfather Frost) there is and his granddoughter the Snegurochka (aka SnowMaiden), too, - I had a drink with them both and separately many times.
…and than I saw elves in the moonlight, though.


Famous Dead Morose from Kremlin yolka?


I can play it on pc and phone




I’m going to get some tickets now


It on desktop version?


I’m playing from chrome


Understood. Lacky man. It now doesn’t work for me yet.


I think I’ve found a fix, if you use a phone or tablet you can download OpenVPN and use the german server to access SM.

Edit: Found a simpler app, only on android



Cant Log In? - Solutions Topic

Settings for openvpn???