Is anybody able to get on?


Your right you didn’t, but you made it appear that way.


so is it up for every one?
or not cause i’m to lazy to read every thing


As far as I know I think it’s been fixed.


Yes it is working for me and @SwiftTerminator


Developers and Moderators can check the IP adresses and even more, so they can read pretty much out of all members + their alt-accounts :exclamation:

They will get the informations they need, IF it was again a DDos attack, its a crime and police can help to figure out who did it :exclamation:

So after he did it now 2 times (as said IF), I do not want to be him right now :exclamation:



Yea, he’s probably going to get in a lot of trouble I’m just happy the game is back up :smile:


nice to know that its up for every body so yay
when does the raid reset? i cant remember its either monday for me or nah i think its monday.


The last day of the raid for me is Sunday, I get my prize on Monday, and it resets on tuesday.


So basically if you make an account on any website, you are signing your private information away to the mods/devs. Yeah, I’m using a VPN from now on. I don’t trust these people.


In a way basically. Everything you type in on google is kept. You history even when deleted is still kept at the google database. Some even think that siri keeps everything you say to her.


Even though the hack was fixed spx has now made their profile private on , it was public and in Russian.


This is how you get SPX in jail.


Hey everybody do background checks, maybe we can find him. (I personally use Peoplewhiz)


Thank you for knowing that I hate SPX and I hope he goes to hell after realizing his mom didn’t care enough to teach him not to DDoS games


And no, I’m not able to get on.


I’m able to get on now.


Since when? My wifi isn’t so good right now but it can at least handle SM, idk what is happening.


Probably a region problem.


My VPN is off… I’m in USA


I’m in Canada right now.