Is anybody able to get on?


What she meant was that not all servers got hacked and depending on where you live in the world depends on the server that you use. @bestplayerintheworld lives near a server that isn’t hacked so she’s fine. But a lot of us, on the other hand, live near the server that got hacked, meaning we don’t have access but @bestplayerintheworld does.


oh okay then i guess that makes some more sense thanks


Your welcome goodnight :exclamation:


nigthy night bye


it workkkkkkkkkkkkkkkssssssssss nowwwwwwwwwwww


Hey, sorry, we’ve had some connectivity issues :frowning:
Is it okay now?


Not sure of the true meaning, but I know it is an attack on a type of service.


Wow, your notification is coming quite late. :bomb:
but I hope you had a nice christmas party! :boom:


I can play when I am on mobile, Darkstare can play using Kongregate, and soe other people can play… check out my poll earlier in this thread.


Hmm, Mexico you say, I am in New Mexico (not to be confused with actual Mexico) and mine works when using cellular but not internet.



Let’s go I can get back online now. Thanks devs for fixing the issue :slight_smile:


First off I just thought this information was weird but I never meant to call out @Martymar I was just saying how all of the information was weird, thank you for the new information. Supermechs is working for me


swift terminator wanna do a physical battle


I was having problems, but I just searched “supermechs” in my browser, and clicked on the first link. Seems typing in direct address doesn’t work, but this small roundabout might.


I’m well aware of what you said. I’m just clearing up any accusations people may have gotten from your post. From the pictures shown in your post; it made it appear as if Martymar was SPX’s second account. I didn’t mean to make a stir, I just wanted to bring forth new evidence showing that Martymar wasn’t necessarily friends with SPX after the hack (evidence from the topic made and pm between the two.) Although this post was a reply to you is wasn’t necessarily to you it was to everyone that got false accusations from your post. I only replied to yours and not the whole topic because I wanted people to know the post I was referring to without having to quote you on everything.


Ok I’ll be in the english chat.


You meant like fifth account.
You still never said if you thought it was a joke or not.


In your post you didn’t show SPX’s five accounts You showed Martymar that’s why I said second account. Of course, the picture is a joke it’s hardly worth talking about. Besides the game has been fixed let’s not dwell in the past.


I never said that it was SPX’s second account. All of SPX accounts are banned