Is anybody able to get on?


I’ve been trying to get on and can’t it says that it can’t connect. I have a feeling I’m not that only one with this issue. Is everyone else able to get on?


Only this…


Some people think it might be another DDOS attack.


I feel like ether their having a server maintenance or it’s an attack.


I hope it’s just a maintenance. Whatever it is someone should come out with info soon.


I can get online right now.


What are you using to get on the app the website a 3rd party site?


I’m using Google Chrome and I play on


I don´t. I cannot open the site in any way.

Like the previous time, it would be good to publish those who cannot open the site, otherwise it creates the false illusion that problem is solved. And it isn´t at all!


I tried and I just get this. It looks like it’s going to load and then it gets stuck at this screen.


I’m able to connect on my phone when I use cellular and not internet.


I wait whole day. :crazy_face:


So the app for you is working?


Yes, when I use my cellular data, I have AT&T


SM not work in phone ?! Whats is the problem ?!?!?!


I tried another computer and switching to a cellular connection but still the server message appears


It is that here it is not that some can while others can not.

It´s also not about going around the world or walking through all the possible web browsers from here to the Belgian Congo, to see if any of them work.

It´s that the game has to return normally and on all devices, as appropriate. No matter what takes, but it is resolved or not resolved, “half solved” is equal to nothing.

And by the way, by now, there should already be an official comunication from the administration. It is that we are not children that we cannot understand the circumstances!


So it’s not a server issue. it must be with the website then. Because apparently the mobile version is working.


No, not really, when on internet, it shows the not working screen but on cellular it is just slow.


I just wanted to know if it was a simple issue that only I had and could be easily fix or if everyone was having issues.