Is a Shielder mech good?

Is a torso with very high resistance good in your opinion?

It’s simple.
We equip each individual resistance module for the max amount of resist (59 myth, 24 epic)

Of course, it takes up space, so the mech will either have lower hp or heat/energy stats.

I hope it’s good. Resistance is my favorite feature of the game.

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well, not if you have like 1.6k hp and 90 resist for a phys mech, that would SUCK.
so,in my opinion, resistance is good, around 40-60 for all or 90 for one and around 20 for the other 2.


You can easily have 2.3k hp and around 75 phys res

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yeah, if you have a luck like MR.E, which I don’t think we have :joy::joy:
(i know, both me and you and TONS of other people didn’t get jack from portals)

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It should be good on an Avenger build.

Phys res is love


Resistance is another term for HP, The higher the Res, The longer the Survivability of that particular mecha, though stats are as equally important so Res is second priority, Stats are important since they are the foundation of a build, Next to HP and Damage Output of course

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Res is extremely important, more than hp (assuming youve got the minimal acceptable hp given your rank). See the post above, 3250hp and no heat res. I have a 2310hp build with a res mod. They perform approximately same against heaters (talking about residual hp after beating the mech)