Ironically I am Toxic

Ironically my name in the game is Toxic.
This game is just too toxic for me to take serious anymore.
I have played many games over the years and this game could be really great but.
A lot of the players are toxic.
The way the game is ran is toxic.
The community is toxic.
I can no longer invest my emotions, time or money into this game.
I no longer care about clans, winning, losing or rank.
If I decide to actually go into the game again, it is to kill time, I am not interested in a clan or ranks or any of the crap…
This will be my last forum post.


Too bad. You are a good player and forum contributor. I wish you well in your future. My best advice is take whateber friends you made here with you and chalk it up to a learning lesson. If you do come back just be yourself and ignore the toxicity as much as possible. Be well.

sad to see you go, you were one of the good ones.

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It’s sad to see a veteran quit…

Sad to hear - pm !


Don’t leave me ;-; @ToxicDoll

Post must be at least 20 character

i hope you will have a good time :wink:

i miss you even after you killed me more than 30 times ( or maybe less ) :frowning:

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Stop playing sm n you will have good time too. And for this comment i may get warning too.

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How can you just rage quit(and leave sm) like that?!!?

You can’t even get banned on Supermechs like minecraft .
The people here, won’t even compare to the people on minecraft…

Wow, @toxicdoll, this is a big sad surprise!
Just one day ago I saw you still very engaged in forum, in play and clan…

I also asked myself if this game is making more fun or more frustration?:
waiting long for opponents to find quitters, hate speaking people, nonsence like this itemlimit (for an as well collectors’ game!), etc.

But respect to you - you don’t need to be ‘loyal’ or better: addicted.

If our/your ex clan makes one more medal without you, I wish to dedicate this stupid symbol to You, Toxic!

You will be welcome in any real or virtual future.
(Maybe oneday you spend your money for vacation in israel. '-)

Best wishes!!


come back!!!

If you want to give a better game a try, come on over to my CLAN EVIL on STEAM Team Fortress Classic. No stress just get to kill or be killed as it should be.
NO Requirements or pressure just play when you feel like it.

I’m right here @oliboy23 (;

I’ve posted way worse. Wtf?


It may have been a series of flags. It is shame really. This forum has a strict enforcement policy… Once you hit the radar you are branded.

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At least you made a god of yourself before leaving, your energy build made me sh*t myself.


20 char lim

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what did she post anyway?

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I don’t want to find out…

If you are reading this supermechs staff I am worthy I spent money !!
Look at meh channel !

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Of course medales are not stupid. Every one is different, you know.

Honest toxic, your pink ruled!