Ip blocked or connection lost

This is the first time that I encounter this situation -_- When I just got home I open BattleDawn then suddenly it’s take too long to load and I always refresh the Chrome Web Page and it says “This site can’t be reach” then there’s a button “Show saved copy” I click that button then what the hell.

Now I’m really pissed off maybe someone blocked my IP/IP problem or this is the fault of my internet connection (but my connection is too fast and can run about 3 online games at the same time)Uploading… We have a war right now actually and I don’t know what will I do if someone can fix this immediately I am so VERY THANKFUL. So I hope @Alexander can help me with this.

When we block IP’s they get a different message usually, unless they actually tried hacking the game (you’d know for sure, doesn’t just happen).

I’d suggest trying to call your internet provider, out of experience, this problem does go away after a while but can take days/weeks to do so. If your IP is dynamic, turning off your router for 15 minutes can help.

But until now the provider has always been able to help (albeit grudgingly one time, they insisted to @Robin_Hood that they could not and then figured out it was on their side anyway after he bugged them for days…).

Sorry :frowning: This just happens sometimes. The internet is a tricky thing and sometimes one user can’t route to one server… I wish we could have many servers all over the world like Google or such, but sadly we’re just not that big.

Alternatively it may be a block, can try http://prod.battlegate.net/battledawn/portal_new/ to be certain.


Thank you. It already fixed I just follow what you said and it works but still I’ll try to call our internet provider/maintenance to fix some problems.