Ion Cannon Redesign


Currently, the ion cannon doesn’t feel very rewarding for 250 energy. I think the cost should be lowered, or it should get new features like damaging more units, zapping shields, etc.

What do you think?

  • Lower Cost
  • Zaps shields
  • Damages more units
  • Fine as it is

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The only problem i have with the Ion Cannon is that it damages 10 random units when its used on an opp of 3000. I believe this should be something like 1% or 10 whichever is larger.
Lowering the cost would make ioning missiles too easy and pushing a squad back in flight is pretty worth it.


There’s no way to defend from the ion cannon right now, while I get why it doesn’t feel very rewarding as of now, I personally am strongly against any mechanics you cannot counter.

The ion cannon can not be countered. As such buffing it against units…

I totally agree the ion cannon could be much more interesting and cooler, but right now, it would just become a vehicle for noobs to succeed without thought :frowning:


I agree, i think it should damage a percentage, instead of just 10 units.


I disagree, I think the ion cannon is already too powerful. It makes no sense to me that when someone isn’t even close to the battle they can influence it (quite severely in some cases) by simply doing a sat scan and ioning. So for me, I’d rather see it nerfed/taken out than buffed.


Nerfing it would make it useless, I know most people who dont even build Ion, but there are also people who have E farms where Ion becomes OP specialy in solo eras, I say let it be as it is.


I absolutely agree with Milan. Boosting teams can already pull out 10-20 ions of their hats. What if the cost got lowered and the power increased? i shudder to think of the advantage boosters would gain.