Ion cannon / Kamehameha wave power thing

So, when i use the ion cannon (earth/mars theme) or kamehameha wave (anime theme) several times on an outpost that has 20 units, would it first damage 10 random, and 2nd damage the rest, or 2nd time it can possibly just hit the ones that were damaged by the first one? Basically, are the units that were already damaged same tick by you, in the pool of units that can be damaged a second time?

Why damaging ???

Make peace and love !

No need to fight / battle / damaging anymore after !



Thank you for your insight. I will try to live a peaceful life from this point on.


its random every time and doesnt know which troops are at 1hp and which arent.

you can assume if there are 20 troops that the first hit 10 are down to 1 hp and the 2nd ion would statistically hit 5 of them again meaning 15 troops would be at 1hp of the 20.

hope this helps.

Obviously if luck is with you all could be 1hp or if against you still 10 at 1hp.

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