Invitation system

Basic concept:
Even if you’re playing on either the game’s PC or mobile version,what would you say about adding an invitation system,therefore being able to invite your friends as in suggesting them to play the game?

Like this,SM would become more acknowledged and you,as the one who sends the invitation,would receive a couple tokens or a bunch of gold as a reward if they actually start playing.
How it would work:
Everytime you’d invite someone,they’d receive a special code along with the link in the invitation,which they’d insert in a box when their first account is made.

As you guessed,code above is the confirmation that you invited this person and they made an account.

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This did previously exist but was taken out for some reason… perhaps it was abused.


I can think of many exploits … if that were real many would create fake google accounts … as usual … only now there are tokens

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A condition could be added, newcomers to reach a certain level.

That’s how the old one was like.

Probably cause of multi accounts