Inventory Update


so it’s better stay with full inventory, so we might get an “INV UPGRADE”… even it’s for limited time. but better than nothing


With all the new items we got in this game (I suggest to all to save at least 3 of each good item) + all the new items coming in the future …

my suggestion …

… was absolut on the point :exclamation:


Thinking about the inventory and the new items coming in the future, we really should have now a long term solution :exclamation:

Not everybody can effort thousends of tokens to upgrade the Inventory slots :exclamation:

Now, some will say, all is fine about the inventory slots, but I can assure you, once you have more than 3 fully equipped Mechs + all new items to save, your inventory will hit the boarder faster than you think :exclamation:


A big event in SuperMechs! An Xmas dungeon and new enemies

We have a name for this type of illness in North America…


They’re called Hoarders… :wink:


Nice room you have there, but please stay topic and I am not joking with this topic :exclamation:



Wow! Touché

Not only good at SuperMechs but also witty :rofl:

Tacticsoft, maybe once the inventory gets past 200, give 10 slots per upgrade… and let it go retroactively please :grinning:


Wth… Thousands?! Didn’t you fuse to make parts better in the past?(before the update) I mean i reaching my limit too but i always fuse items, also i never paid for tokens…


Yup, have a friend who likes to hoard any weak or strong items/guns/armor in games, bad trait


Yes plx implement something usefull for inventory.

Atm I can buy 5 slots for 8x tokens, which it’s starting be expensive.

Not even thinking when u require 300 T to buy 5 slots…


Yep it sux, I’m there already. Costs a fortune (225 Tokens) for 5 measly slots


after 150/200 T for 5 slots, it doesn’t worth to be bought…


We need now more than ever the promised …

“long-term solution”


Alone all new items fill up a lot the inventory by a lot :exclamation:

WE need frrrdom and space for our mech-development :exclamation:


Inventory items and On Mech items…

Long term solution is no solutions


I didn’t get this, and others did. :sob:
I’m having trouble also…


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As I noticed right now, the new Snowball perk count towards my inventory space, is it possible to make it same as for Christmas Hats and other perks, to not count for inventory, because my Inventory is at its limit again and again …

would be great @Berserk40000 and @Smirk :exclamation:


P.S.: also would be great if you could mention when the long term solution comes, about inventory space … 335 tokens for 5 inventory slots is way to much :exclamation::exclamation::exclamation: