Inventory Update


I don’t think anybody has thousand of items.



You are doing it again. Do not revive useless topics.


Excuse me?

I had 2443 legacy items in my inventory before turning them all into B O N U S


i had somewhere around 800 because i had always fused away things


800! I had about 100 when I switched and you fused your items.


C’mon now, let the people put in their two cents in. :wink:


Its 7 months old, the two cents are long gone.


Not with these guys. :wink:


I have 390 items in my inventory at the moment … 294 Mythicals and Legandaries :exclamation:

When does the long-term solution come about the inventory update :question:




LMFAO I had several thousand.

Finally just recently I was able to chew through the rest to unlock my inventory. It took forever. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Now I have to chew through the 900 in UNCLAIMED section.
My 305 inventory slots are crammed.


After all this time, as Yeet said, “7 months”, its doubtful Tacticsoft will ever come up with a solution for inventory. The easiest solution is to give extra inventory right now. :wink:


At least you don’t have to buy boxes to upgrade items. Make a good mech.


They actually gave me 100 inventory space,when I still have 900 items left :slightly_smiling_face:

let’s stop this,shall we?


This all great but would i mind you get me that rank 10 box back?


Uhm the server restarts.
I hope you are returning my rank box.


The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.


Are you beging for another 10 space ? ;D


Don’t be greedy, you :

You don’t need more boxes.


What does it mean “these position”?
New players can’t have the 100 bonus space?
Or the limit will raise up only at players with full inventory?


Anyone who’s over the current limit (say one has 1200/200). They’re given 100 extra. Of which I assume are cleared to allow for upgrading items to fuse away and get under the limit.