Inventory Update


We have received complaints from players that are stuck because of insufficient space in their inventory. Most of these players are stuck because of too many powers kits or legacy items they cannot upgrade.
After a long discussion, the team has decided to give 100 extra inventory slots to players that are in these positions.
This is a temporary solution in the short term while we work on a long-term solution.

Last note - some of the players who wrote to us mentioned they have more than one account. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you Super Mechs’ official policy is that we do not support multiple accounts.

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100 extra inventory slots to these players won’t help, they have thousands of items.

Here’s a better solution, you can use this as your long term solution:

Increase base item limit for ALL players to a more reasonable amount, say 300. Also, make it so that power kits, color kits, and perks do not count for the item limit.


Solution: remove the item limit and refund all players that bought inventory space. And don’t run any bs sales or deals on boxes until players are able to actually open boxes they buy.

Why not lower the fusing costs while you’re at it?


like we got to make our old lagacy items booster kits, would it be possible to fuse with those for free? if i got to use them all i would have space agien.

if its not possible to fuse them for free, could i fuse with one and pay one of them instead of gold. while i would losse a lot of fusevalue that way i could at least free up my inventory, and that would make the game a lot more playble for me.


and also i made an other acc to have one to play one. booring to play with a mech i cant do nothing with, my build need to stay the same, not like i can get or use new items as im just stuck in the possision where everything i get gose to fuseing. i dont care about what i fuse anymore i just fuse what i can to try clear up space.


It is a step in the right direction, i salute this improvement in the curent item space chrissis.
And i remind you Flushy, that even tho it is not what you would have hoped for, it is a big improvement close to 100% for some players.
Like i said, i belived in Sarah fighting for us, and this victory altho it may seem small to some, it means the world to others, because they can now use their accounts, and play the game.
Specialy since the GOAT tournament is coming.


One step in the right direction won’t help much… if there’s still a hundred miles to go…!


i just want to play the game, so i agree this is a victory even tho it dont solve anything for me.
some migth not like my idea, and losse all the fusevalue if it was possible to trade kits for cash, or half the cash they are worth or something. i would not mind something like this, i just want to play and get new items and play around with more then one mech.


Yay. 200 inventory limit. This will surely help some players that have thousands of items. They will be free again. Thank you Sarah


you do actualy realize that they know how many players are over the limit and by how much?
And you do actualy realise they also know that the percentage % of players over the limit without posibility of actualy getting rid of their items is also known, and when compared to the vast majority of players that this 100 free items slots, are saving them from lockdowns is quite big.


true, this only hurts ppl that bugged to get items or cash, and they few people that horded items for ages like you and me kæn.
i would say ppl with inventroy limit problems are less then 5% and of the 5% problebly like 10% of ppl are in an situation where it will take ages for them to get ride of it.

why do you think its the same few ppl that complain everytime.
we just unlucky and fucked kæn xD


was three periods for dumping junk, who wanted - to have time, more than sure that loads of stuff is not purchased and received freely. And someone very disingenuous still using the old items are now.

The removal of restrictions limit the inventory and upgrade cost then the crowd will get cheaters. IMHO


Thank you @Sarah247 for that improvment !

So now only 1061 items to go …

… to bad that I used an other temporary solution “Legacy Converter” and having now +600 Power Units !
Alone with this Power Units I am over the new temporary limit double (!) !

Now we are still mountains over it, there comes the boxes we are collecting now (because of this “stuck situation”) …

… alone the items from the collected boxes will break the new temporary limit (inlc. the mechs items) very very easy !

So @Sarah247 I try to give a long-term solution, where your team dont need to have “long discussion”, with using simply math …

1 mech = max 22 items

lets tripple that, so WE players can WORK on our mechs with different items, test new builds, etc.

1 mech = 66 items (to work / PLAY with)

6 mechs = 396 items

And to be “safe” with NEW BOUGHT boxes and Power Units (after the current one are “eliminated”) we do a +104 items, so we have also a nice round number …

396 + 104 = 500

  • 500 items

… would be a great long-term solution !

OR …

  • do NOT count items on mechs (-132 items) and do NOT count Power Units to the item limit

… which would let us also come to a long-term solution !

That must be kinda a joke ! (no offense, nothing personal, just go on with reading please)

Yes we know that Sarah, that it is against the official policy of SuperMechs / tacticsoft !

BUT we also know that tacticsoft do NOTHING against since years (4), ALSO … now also please dont take that personal, tacticsoft do nothing against on purpose because it is “extra money” for tacticsoft.

So please tell me tacticsoft you do anything against, and I would be the first reporting you 100 alt accounts (incl. myself ! ), because this alt-account thing cause a lot of in-game deception !

Just a few examples …

  • many players used them for their own gift-keys (all did)
  • cheating in the ranking
  • clan manipulating
  • ban evade
  • etc.

Of course I would help you to tell you all known ways, of using alt-accounts for advantages in-game !

I hope my solution-suggestion helps a little bit !


The SOLUTION to the Item Limit is clear

I guess it’s time to open up 100+ boxes hopefully i’ll get a legendary.


So let me get your math straight.
You have 6 mechs, each with 22 items…
On these 6 mechs you want to be able to switch all 22 items,3 times… so basicly evry mech can be transformed into 3 diferent mechs, and you have 6 mechs… So basicly you want to have 18 posible mechs in only 6 slots? Wow… devs quick make another 12 mech slots for this big genius.
Further more on all those 18 mechs, you have diferent modules, evry mech with it’s own set of modules, so that they don’t fight for them… right.
Further more, all 18 mechs with all 22 items each, that don’t share modules or wepons or utility, cause they are upset with each other… all of these items are needed and must be kept… right.
I see…
Well you failed math, failed logic, even failed common sense with that explanation.
Congrats another topic turned into a rant,
Listen Betsy, befor you start ranting, atleast have decency to know numbers… let me demonstrate.
6 fully build mechs dont actualy use 22 itemslots each(kg limit), all these mechs have interchangeble modules, you can move them from one build to another, they wont fight for them.
There are only 3 usable mechs in a match, so the rest of your 12 mechs, 3 sit in the slots below your curent setup, the rest are just parts in inventory.
So befor you start ranting… think… do we really need 18 mechs with 22 items on them? Specialt since you personaly only use one… barely.


thanks for listening to me SM Community



Please pass on my suggestion above to the developers, I think my suggestion is satisfactory and reasonable.

Having 300 base item slots for all players would make it so that every player will have enough inventory slots to tinker around with builds for their 3 functional mech slots (ignoring the other 3 “storage” slots). This also lets them wait for a piece of item worth upgrading, instead of forcing them to throw their fusion power (and gold) into a garbage item, just to get it under the limit.

Having power kits, color kits, and perks (especially power kits) not take up any inventory space would also help the players with thousands of legacy items, as they can convert these items into power kits, which will not take up any space. Plus, color kits and perks have no practical uses, so they should not factor into the item limit at all.

Tip: Just make it so everything under the “Kit” section not take up any inventory slots. This leaves out perks, but many players have not many perks to begin with.


Probably intended, since it basically gives you 100 “paid inventory slots”… rather than actually increasing the base inventory slots.

Inventory slot price increases by 5 with each purchase, so basically the game treats it as if you purchased 5 inventory slots x 20.


really after 2 and a half month of grace period, and after most players fused away their items/powerkits to fit under the item limit. Some bought space, some made the sacrifice you mention above.
Now we come with the same old story that this should be done, because there are a few chosen few that didnt want to do what evrybody else did… fit the item limit.
I was amongst the first ones to fit under the item limit(at the end of the first grace period), i sacrificed all my legacy items, into 6 mechs, so that i fit the item limit, and there were others that did the same.
How is this fair towards the ones that took the dive?
Do you think if i knew that the grace period would be 2 and a half months i would have sacrificed all my fully fused mythicals, and items in the first 3 weeks of the new update?
Nope, i bunkered down, i grinded, i payed, and i fused away.
I know that the item limit sucks, well it is part of the game now, a new rule of the game, evrytime we want to bend the rules, evrytime we want to breack the rules.
Is it fair that the players that fused away their items, even befor the converter, so that they avoid a lockdown, if now they want to scrap a fully fused mythical they get only 10% out of it, while others that have kits set aside, can retain the full value of the fussion power?
Is it ok that some that refused to comply with the rule, now should get an advantage?
Why not make the item limit scale with lvl, like i suggested? instead of reciving boom 300 space off the bat, that adds up with the 150-200 that we have now, to total 450-500 item limit, no matter the lvl, be it 45, be it 125.
Should there be some work involved to get item slots? nope… just give it for free…really?
I feel sorry for the ones that are still in lockdown, and can’t enjoy the game, because they have 1000+ items, but they represent less then 5% of the curent players, and in that 5% i am guessing only 1% actualy don’t have the capacity to grind and fuse away their items, the rest are just waiting for a hand-out, and to turn this to their advantage.
Come be fair and square about evrything, and towards evrybody, not just the few.


There should be no inventory limit at all.
I assume they are doing it because we are carrying so much items that it slows down the server. So they want to force us to stick with the items that we really need.
They could just find a solution where you benefit from destroying the items you don’t need.
The fusion is there I know… but after you have a full fused mech you just dont bother fusing anymore. You’ll just sit on the items and fuse when you really need so eventually you’ll have thousands of items again.
So in my opinion if you could choose from two options that would help:

  • the fusion without the fusion cost but with the transformation cost ( as Fluxeon suggested since the begining)
  • you can transform like 5 items into 1 or 2 tokens