Inventory slot maxed but not really

.>inventory at max capacity
.>i freed it up until it said i have enough space to open a box
.>press to open one
.>click on box i want to open
.>image related
.>79/80 -ign

lole i got rid of another good item i wouldnt have gotten rid of otherwise, to free up space. it gets better

I dont get this one…
We all got 100 extra free space about 2 weeks ago.
So that means you should have more then 80 space … is it an older pic?
But furthermore… how did you end up with 16 premium packs in the unclaimed boxes tab?

Nope, just the ones who said to be over inventory limit got this 100 extra slots.
It’s his new account - level 18 - so it makes sense.
As for me, I just have 120 slots since I wasn’t over the limit at the time, and now I’m struggling a lil with 6 free slots :sweat:

… You mean it wasn’t a global/ all playerbase thing? Well that’s not right…

No it wasn’t, it was a “temporary solution” for the ones with a floaded inventory who requested that.

Bought em

And yeah its my alt account. Something is wrong with my fuel as well. Hmm

This bug is showing a difference between the client and server side. It should be all okay if you relogin?

side note: its worth buying the cheaper slots for your work shop. I think i bought up to 50 tokens for 5 slots as it stopped me wasting epics.

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haha. nice. thats even better than mine

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