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currently I only have a 175 limit and I’ve been upgrading more than an average player who must have even less. with it being so small it will be very difficult and frustrating to simply play campaign runs or fight battles because you’ll be constantly going back to fuse things. I don’t think something like a 400 starting point for players is unreasonable, especially considering how slowly it builds.[poll type=regular public=true]

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I agree, it should definitely be higher.

i agree i have 175 exactlly like u and it’s so low

Especially beings we have 3 to 6 bots trying to properly equip, change, modify, experiment (like TS wants us to do)
22 parts per bot equipped
66 for 3 bots equipped
132 for 6 bots equipped

I’m currently locked out beings I still have 2700 items left in inventory after burning a couple thousand. So now time to let the overflow box get a billion boxes in it along with unable to complete daily quest.

OH WELL no more Premium boxes being bought, a couple weeks ago they turned into garbage anyway with a legendary every 100 boxes if you’re lucky…

same … in a different way. They want us to buy Token to expand the inventory . This is the new supermechs policies
Bought then bought then bought …
and After a while we will update the game to let you start buying again … all over again !!!

i only have 150 and i am currently above it before the lockdown hit.

it is very low.

first of all to have 6 mechs, how many parts do you need?
1 mech has 1 torso, 1 pair of legs, 2-3 weapons on average, a hook, charge and teleport (if you use all three), 1 drone and 8 modules… how many is that? 18?

so… if I have 6 mechs… 108 inventory already? goodness.

Then, we have power kits counted as inventory.

Does that mean I can not have fusion parts to have to make mythicals? don’t you need to have 5 legendaries to have 1 mythical… and how many epics to you need to have 1 legendary? you mean I have to craft them one at a time? That or only have 1-3 functioning mech.

That “legacy mech” you have in storage for “old time’s sake” should also be flushed down the toilet.

Yes, the limit is too low.

Yeah, can’t get the daily quest, can’t get new items, don’t want to delete existing mechs and spare parts so I can keep playing the game, guess I’m out.

I got it to around 200 ish - 120 of those items are ON mechs. So even if I delete all my inventory, I can’t pick anything up (I get a crappy120 item slots).

This is still war on legacy players :confused:


Thats the worst thing I ever met in a game !

Why you - tacticsoft not ask direct for our bank account to transfer direct our money to you, instead of CRUSHING a great game into unplayable, to force players, also the once who already spent thousands of $$$, to pay again !

Nice try tacticsoft, nice try.

NEVER again 1 cent from us (my sponsor, my friends and me), only if you change things a LOT !

You spit on your PLAYERBASE, special to YOUR veteran players, WHO fund this game 50% !!!



30+ votes was enough to be moved to popular suggestions on the old forums, perhaps it’s time to think about increasing the inventory limit @Sarah247 @Mohadib


Re-posting here so that more people see.

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Yeah its a bit funny that I can equip 132 items in the 6 mech slots (22 each) but my inventory limit is 125.

completamente acuerdo:ligero sonrisa:

bumping this thread because the grace period ended again and as of writing this post the limit hasn’t been made any higher.

the community clearly wants this.

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  • +700 Power Units (maxed out) !

  • 3 good mechs

  • no good items (legendary to mythicals) to boost

So to boost the Power Units into Rare or only Legendary makes absolutly no sense, because of …

  • the huge gap between good mythicals and only Legandary (no need to talk about any Rares)

  • the Power (30% - 50% … help me please about this numbers, I didnt wrote it down) get LOST, if you boost a boosted item into an other, for … WHICH reason ???

^^ So, yes thats ONE of many reasons, why I am so “negative” at the moment about tacticsoft and their “development” of this game !

WHERE or/and WHY the Power does disapear ???

Give me a reason to be positive, and I will be so positiv !!!



I’ll take some items :innocent:

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Yes, please send some items… oh wait, inventory full… it will be in unclaimed boxes… :confused:

Where is the solution?

An update had been made, but inventory is still a problem… brilliant.

inb4 another grace period extension.



I’m on the same Titanic as you and it’s going down quick, DAM TS iceberg.

I shredded so much already and still have left over.

We don’t need to buy premium boxes anymore right…
So we don’t need space for any new items…
Great logic TS…

I guess discussions are falling on deaf ears?

21 days ago = “ElcentHead of the BDA” “Just found out that there are on going discussions today about the inventory limit. These talks are to optimise the limit and are still very much in the discussion stage.”

What kind of discussion takes that long? I was even hopeful that they were done with the discussion and implemented a solution with the new update…

Isn’t it funny that the ones with the most items in inventory are the old players? I wonder if the paying players even have a lot of inventory in backlog… Does that mean that there will be no more purchases?

I read somewhere that buying inventory space also increases in cost over time… Really??

oki the item limit needs to be higher, because:
1.You can not have 3-6 built mechs, and some spare wepons/modules to adapt them.Space needed 66-132.
2. you can not maximize the fusion on category because the lack of space, damn if you have 6 mechs built, you can’t do anything.
3. Even perk items count as items.
4. Powerkits and color kits should not count as items, towords item limit.
5.Given the fact that some of us burned their items befor the first item limit was over, 2 months ago.Heving paid alot of gold/tokens transformed to gold and then burning items like crazy, this was done befor the item converter.The item converter adds a small bonus when converting legacy into powerkits(3-5%), the player that have manualy burned the items, missed out on the bonus… no compensation for them?
6. The players that have alredy burned the items, and went thru alot of effort into doing so, what will happen to them now? i feel that if they would have known that the grace periode get’s extended and extended, they would have used those items in other way.
make the item limit bigger.

  1. for lvls under 45 - 150 item limit.
  2. lvl 45-70 - 200 item limit.
    3 lvl 70-120 - item limit 250.
  3. lvl higher then 120 - item limit 300.
    These numbers are nice and good, and allows us to actualy work with the curent sistem of fusion and builds. Alows the higher lvl players to have some flexibility, and also encourages people to lvl up.