Inventory Limit Issue

After last global update, many players are faced with a new problem. After using Legacy Converter players got more things than they had.
For example, if you had 1000 mythical items, then it became 3000. :exclamation:

Because of limit, I can not open boxes and get new items. And I cant fuse Power Units into items.

I’m sure not only I was faced with this problem. And one of the solutions is not count Power Units in inventory.

Below is a vote to find out opinion of other players:

  • Dont count Power Units in inventory.
  • I started playing after update and dont understand what it’s about.
  • I want to leave game as it is.
  • I have another idea (write it).
  • TAP

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Please pay attention to it - @Sarah247 @Mohadib @jonny

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this has been brought up many times before. i am not sure why they still haven’t changed anything or done anything about it.

How about if you have around 3000 items but your limit is only 200 or something. You can choose that 200 items you want to use and the other 2800 will be put into a different category of unclaimed boxes which you can open later. This way you’ll have the 200 item limit and you can fuse away couple items and you’ll be able to buy or open other boxes. And you’ll be able to open those other type of unclaimed boxes if you want… or not.

Don’t converter legacy mythical items, legacy mythical’s power point is around 30000, And a mixed legendary power kit has 17150 power point, so a legacy mythical=2 power kit. If you have 1000 legacy mythical, if you converted, if will take 2000 space( X2 )

I seen your video @kingblinks

Since I didn’t get stacked enough before the huge update, this isn’t much of a problem but I will vote anyways xD

I tested today and got 3

There could have been a lot of workaround for the inventory limit issue.

Not counting powerkits were only one of them. You could also remove the cost of fusing powerkits, that way only the loss of power would be the issue, instead of the huge gold that would be needed to do so.

@MrOneTwo 's idea of boxing these excess items doesn’t seem like a bad idea, either.

I feel like we should be able to sell items for money

because you upgrade it

I think everyone upgrade their myths before update.

@Sarah247 @Mohadib @logics

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@Sarah247 @Mohadib @anyone

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