Inventory issue and Power issue


First issue happened with opening an item box, Specifically a gold item box during the current sale. The box had 2 mythical items, a legendary and a couple epics. The two mythicals were God Mode, And Steel Barricade. The legendary was a Galaxus model B. and the epics were just a couple modules. Now this wasnt the issue… I play on mobile a lot and recently have been having MASSIVE crashing issues. And before I could click the button and exit the item box screen the game crashed. I reopened the app and when I went to my inventory the items were nowhere to be found. I had used leftover tokens from a series of purchases a couple months back. And the tokens are gone but no items. Hope theres a way to fix this.

My second issue is with fusion, I have a level 10 Metal Shredder mk2 that needed 50,095 more power to fuse to lvl 11. However once adding a torso worth 50,517 to the 103,505 power of the other item. the total came up as 149,585 power, when it should have been 154,022. I tried reloading the game and even switched to PC and it still bugged the power.

here is a couple pictures to prove what I mean. Unfortunately as I wasn’t expecting the game to crash when it did I have no screenshots of the item box issue. @Sarah247