Introducing the simulator!

I never said you can control loot, it’s a simulator, not a mission.

I need 25 up-votes for this to be added, we are VERY close, thanks guys

Nobody said this will be added. shut up

Stop being a dick, shut up

BOTH of you plz dont start another fight and thx yeet

ill call orang >:C

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Seems like a good idea to me - it’d be nice to be able to test mechs that way. It’d be even better if you could build an experiment mech as well, to use against said simulator mech - It’d save a lot of grief from useless mythics.

well, i thought about that in my planning, but then i thought, that would kind of lose the simulator’s purpose. I mean you can farm big boy or whatever story you are at, then get some myths to test, doesn’t have to be myth, but you can test all the strategies. All in all you still can choose everything about the enemy.

                                                                                                   take care

that turned out wrong :frowning:

well it seems as if the majority of the community say yes add this, so its up to the staff now

so for those of you who said make a couple of changes, What are those changes?
@The_Yo_Yo_Man @HunterKnight @magicmech20 @Trojan @Vicarious89 @PureAwesome @AnlixSaa

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i actually meant to press i want this to be added, but guess i pressed the wrong option

lol thats ok by me…

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I wrote already. Maximum resistance up to 50 is bad idea because in game it is up to 83.
Also maximum HP goes to 2500 not 2000 and so on.

Already put them in a comment above :smile:

there, i got the changes you requested

Now it is perfect for me. Definetely want to see it in game.

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@Vicarious89 @PureAwesome @AnlixSaa @The_Yo_Yo_Man i still need input