Introducing RAIDS


Hello Pilots,

We’re introducing a new type of competition today - Weekly Raid.

In short, a raid is basically 6 consecutive daily missions where you gain a score for winning, and that score is used to rank you on a global leaderboard. Rewards will then be given at the end of the raid based on each player’s position.

There is a bit more to it so here is how it works in detail:

  • A raid lasts 6 days.
  • There are 6 missions in an increasing difficulty tier. We name these missions Tier 1, Tier 2 etc.
  • You must complete (=win) a tier to gain a score and to unlock the next tier for the following day.
  • Your leaderboard score is a sum of your top score per tier (Top score of Tier 1 + Top Score of Tier 2 etc)
  • You have an opportunity to Replay the daily tier in order to get a better score until the next day begins (there is a clear countdown to that).
  • This means that in order to get to Tier 6 you must win at least once every day.
  • Each difficulty tier gives better rewards and allows gaining a higher score.
  • Rewards will be given at the end of the raid based on each player’s position at that point in time.

As always with new features, we’ll be monitoring it closely to see how it works out so we could iron out wrinkles in the design/performance. We are looking for constructive feedback/suggestions from our players.

Thanks for your help!


How can someone have more than 2000 points today? I see player with 2900 points. Thanks!


yes…i would like to know that too…:smiling_imp:

because this is the easyest level, and i killed all with one shot and without the loss of my own hp…


Sounds fun hope the community thinks that aswell


Good update. :slight_smile:


Wow, that’s great!


Players who got more than 2000 points, is it a bug?


@KilliN How did you get 2,900 points? Bug?




yes same here, one hit kill without enemy even had a turn.


regen jatszol?
mi a jatekos neved?


Idk why but I can’t get past 2k points


you just don’t want to tell us really…:smirk:


Going to continue in english.


nem lehet…:slight_smile:

just noticed your english needs…hmmm…improving…:slight_smile:


hogyan szerezted 5000 tokeneket?


Pedig ez történt. Viszont a 100 dobozban összesen volt 2 Legendary, úgyhogy nem mentem vala sokra.


vigyazzatok…ezt beszeljetek meg maganban


szerencses vagy…


Top 10 voltam anno, az az egy mázlim hogy megmaradt ez a video.