new prototype + Updates


Soo sadly,bad news…i think…That there is no updates for Piska today…but no worries,cause i’m planing on maxing my troso and clan on him.
Should be exciting,plus i have some 5-6 legy power kits,should be very esay.

Have a nice day.

I also kinda fell like that ‘’:))’’ is my fav smile rn lmao



Piska is fine now,just made his drone shortranger updated to legy.
No need for pic,okay maybe i’ll post it,i dunno.
Now since i legy’d my boyo,i’ma go ahead and continue to make him at 40 level or soemthing unleass if i have some legy foods for my energy engine,or my axe.

I’ll see how it goes tommorow :))


No no no but yes :))



Yup,i did made my backbreaker a legy,fells nice,indeed.
Now since i was thinking about this stuff,i went for a look how many damage does this thing have,untill i realised,that it can do a lot,but i can say no to him cause i want my might cannon to be mythed for a raid,could be intresting.
Anyways…the next update will be probably mything my mighty cannon,or making my second nightfall legy,who knows.



Yuuuuuuup,just mythed an shortranger,that’s the most impontant thing for my piska.
I’m sorry that i said earlier that i’ll myth my BackBreaker,got my mind changed…
Also,if my drone was mythed,i’m welcoming…

Pre Piska into the battle!

Why am i using it now? Since i see soo many people using this build,soo why not make sure to use it,and have fun.But the piska season is over,you alredy know why.This is an pre piska,meaning i’m done yet…i’ll might try to legy my energy mod first,then BackBreaker…and it’s completly ready.
Also,if i feel lucky,i might will try to max my troso,claw and etc. will see.

P.S:Can you all just tell others to come back to this topic?Just do me a favor,thanks! :))


Backstabber is a drone…
BackBreaker is the axe ^^


Soz…that confuses me.


Great Job Transforming Short Ranger To Mythical!..And now max it